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Father booked under POSCO for physically assaulting his 16 years old child

On August 08, in Lachung police station one 16 years old minor girl along with her elder sister orally reported that her 54 years old father has been physically assaulting her since 2018.

Further, the police reported stated that the minor girl was taken out of school after her mother died and made her work along with the father.

According to the police report, “she was not allowed to talk to her friends or leave the house without him. She further stated that during the nighttime her father used to forcefully come to her bed despite having separate rooms in the house, she had shown her disapproval to her father but he would not listen and would touch her in appropriately”

“Last year her father had cut off her hair by using KHUKURI and forcefully removed her clothes and made her naked as he doubted that she was carrying a mobile phone, and very recently in the month of April 2021, her father had inserted needles on her body as he accused her of having stolen her mother’s Jewelry. The minor girl also reported that her father used to verbally abuse her using foul language and he would threaten her that he would kill her in the nighttime” added the police report

Further, the suspect has been booked under section 10 of POCSO Act and taken into custody by police

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