CAP members convene; pass resolutions on different issues of the SC observation

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A meeting of the members of the Citizen Action Party was held at Mellidara, Namchi district under the Chairmanship of Ganesh Rai, Chief Coordinator, CAP. In this meeting, the committee has passed the following resolutions.

  1. That people whose name appears in the Sikkim Subject Register, their children named in the Sikkim Subject Register and those who were issued identity cards by the Government of India in 1990 and 1991 have been given a special status and hence were provided with safeguards to protect the interests of the people of Sikkim. This special status has been put under question by the recent judgement passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Citizen Action Party strongly objects to the decision whereby every person living in Sikkim before April 26, 1975 are covered under the same bracket. Further, it is painful for all the inhabitants of this blessed land of Sikkim that a section of people- Nepali, living here since generations and have been instrumental in the state’s growth have been labelled as having settled in Sikkim after coming from a foreign country. This is a grave insult to the entire community and also speaks about complete lack of awareness about the history of Sikkim even amongst those holding the highest chair in the country. What makes this even more worse is that the Additional Advocate General of the Sikkim government did not raise any objection in the Supreme Court and made no efforts to correct this erroneous point is simply unacceptable. It was the duty of the present government to assure that the AAG presented facts in the right manner and the inability to do so in his part also makes the government liable to be questioned about its honesty and sincerity in this matter. The Citizen Action Party considers the SKM government to be answerable it this grave issue that troubles every Sikkimese.
  2. A Joint Action Committee has been formed in Sikkim which aims to address the issue of immigrant tag that has been labelled against the Nepali community. But, the Citizen Action Party would like to state that this Committee should also strongly place its opinion about the dilution of the term Sikkimese which should refer to the descendants of this land. The Citizen Action Party shall place its support to the JAC if this point is also raised by the Committee.
  3. The Citizen Action Party has decided to hold a one-day dharna at the District Court premises in Gangtok on 3rd February 2023 regarding the decision of the Supreme Court and shall submit a memorandum to His Excellency the Governor of Sikkim. A 7-member committee has been formed by the party to deal with this sit-in which will be chaired by Shri Narendra Adhikari.

Prashant Babu Chettri
Citizen Action Party

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