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After Casual workers, SPYF demand revision of wage for OFOJ and Ad-Hoc employees

Sikkim Progressive Youth Forum demand a revise in wages of OFOJ (One Family One Job) employees, Ad-hoc employees and temporary employees under the state department


SPYF has put forward a demand to revise minimum wage of One Family One Job employees and Ad-hoc employees under the state government.

Rupen Karki of SPYF said, “The state government notifying revise in the minimum wage of casual workers is win for our struggle now with this we demand government to consider OFOJ and Ad-hoc employees and revise their minimum wage also.”

SPYF General Secretary, Rupen Karki deemed the state notification on minimum wages to be a historic win. He said, “SPYF, since long time back has been raising the issue of minimum wage, we even got arrested for that. However soon after the arrest Sikkim government was compelled to issue notification. This was possible because of our unity and it’s historic”.

“SPYF and casual workers continuously pressured the government to revise the minimum wage and then finally a notification was issued by state government seeking feedback from citizens in set 2 months time period. However the notification was confusing, but on September 13 when we went to show our solidarity to the protesting casual workers of Alkeem Pharmaceutical company Sikkim police without any reason arrested 3 of our members”

“We are a democratic country and to arrest someone without any reason is undemocratic this sort of act shows that the government is trying to snatch basic fundamental rights of a citizen. If this kind of act continues then the day is not far when the SKM Government will arrest anyone on basis of Facebook comment and rights” added his statement

In the process, Karki alleged SKM government of tarnishing image of SPYF, he said “SKM government is trying to tarnish image of SPYF through this forum we would like to mention that whatever issues that SPYF is raising are related with day to day life which as person faces in their daily life we only seek solution and healthy society.”

Karki also maintained SKM while in opposition supported issues raised by SPYF, “SKM party while in opposition used to support SPYF issues and take part in all movements we organized but after coming to power we suddenly became their enemy, How?.”

“SKM party after coming to power developed irritation towards the casual workers they became angry when casual workers demanded revision in minimum wage. The irony here is when the same party was in opposition they had assured casual workers of 20,000 per month hike” he concluded.

SPYF opined that the movement for the hike in minimum wage will continue until all sectors are inserted.

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