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Two suspects arrested in connection with Secretariat vandalism: ‘Case solved’ Sikkim Police

Sikkim police nabs two suspects involved in the Tashiling Secretariat vandalism of February 15 night. The suspects namely Joshep Rai (22) and Abel Rai (23) are brothers resident of Kashyap Kaman, Mansang Kalimpong District West Bengal.
“After tracing the phone number of the suspects they were arrested on February 23 at 11:30 am from the Teesta riverside between Singtam and Adarsh Gaon by two Civil police“ The suspects were arrested on February 23 at banks of Teesta river in between Singtam and Adarsh Gaon by two Civil Police” Informed Siva Yellasari SP Gangtok District
The duo Joshep Rai (22) and Abel Rai (23) has been booked under section 457, 427, 380, 511 IPC, R/W sec 3 OF PDPP Act of 1984 and will be taken before High Court today.
“ We got a call from Kalimpong in which the caller gave us the names and then we asked for help from kalimpong police in which it was reveled that the duo had already served their time in Kalimpong jail and through the system of the jail we traced his address” informed Siva Yellasari, SP Gangtok District
Following to which BK Tamang DIG Sikkim Police informed that the duo were here in Sikkim since 2019 “The duo is from a broken family also a drop out, and they had been staying in abandoned buildings and jungles in Sikkim since the year 2019” said BK Tamang DIG Range, Sikkim Police
Furthermore, DIG Tamang informed that the duo was also involved in two other pending cases of theft registered in Sadar PS, “The duo also robbed one of the hotel at Namnang in which they had taken away the collected tips of the waiters alongside another case of November 2021 in Sheda Gonpa where they had stolen Rs 50000 from the donation box”
On motive behind the Health secretariat vandalism Tamang said, “The motive behind the vandalism was that they were after money and since the duo was dropout and thought the whole Health secretariat was bank and went on vandalizing the rooms in the building. However, no lost of any documents and money has been reported”

On asking about strengthening the security in Tashiling Secretariat, Tamang said,“ We have thought about it and don’t want to disclose the details at this moment”
The investigation is under process and so far the crime weapon has not been recovered and the fingerprint of both the culprits is yet to be matched with the fingerprint found in crime scene

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