“The statement of Chief Minister on ONORC is of elementary level”: Sikkimay Nagarik Samaj

Sikkimay Nagarik Samaj a newly formed civil society criticized  the government on various issues through a presser at Gangtok on August 18, 2021. Passang Sherpa, Spokesperson, SNS  while addressing the press informed that “The SNS had a meeting on 17 August in Gangtok and has taken several decisions in favour of the Sikkimese people”. 

During the presser Passang Sherpa also condemned the recent given statement of Chief Minister on One Nation One Ration card Scheme in which CM Tamang had said that “One Nation One Ration Card is not a right but a scheme and individuals who are against it and linking it with the violation  of the old laws and Article 371f should surrender their Indian passport”

In addition, CM Tamang informed that after implementation of the ONORC Scheme the influx will decrease. 

In response to the CM’s statement, Passang Sherpa strongly termed the statement of Chief Minister to be of an elementary level. Sherpa further said “ After returning from Delhi from his official tour, Chief Minister in hurry gave a irresponsible, Anti- Sikkimesse and elementary level comment on ONORC, such statement made  by a person of the highest stature is an irresponsible one”

Sherpa differed with the statement of CM Tamang on influx and rather stated on how ONORC will play a pivotal role in increasing influx in the state of Sikkim in future. He detailed on the government data highlighting of Sikkim having about thirty thousand migrant workers and after the ONORC scheme implementation, those  migrants will bring their family in the state which will lead to rise in influx. He further added that those migrant labours shall take up to the streets and protest for the equal rights in future and who will be responsible for that?”, he questioned. 

Furthermore, Sherpa appealed the state government and education department to include the old laws and Article 371F in the syllabus of the schools in Sikkim. “ Article 371F and old laws should be included and taught in schools of Sikkim state so that the upcoming generation can have a better knowledge about the old laws of the state, the education department should immediately add Article 371f and old laws of Sikkim from the coming academic session” added Sherpa

“We will soon be writing to the centre government in regard to this matter,” he added

Furthermore, Passang Sherpa critized the state government administration on giving registration to  the fake COI and Sikkim Subject holders in Sikkim ,in which he said, “ The fake COI, and fake Sikkim Subject holders who are getting plot registration through administration is like stamping on the old laws of Sikkim”

“In 2018 a notification for the matter was published by the former government, however the notification doesn’t have any legal backup, in a way the subject of the land registration is completely neglected by the present government” he added

In addition, Passang Sherpa also criticized the government for not being able to tackle COVID-19 pandemic in Sikkim, he said, “ the state government should upgrade the health sector of the state”

Sherpa further agreed to the hearing of the High Court of Sikkim in which the High Court warned State government on COVID management

The High Court of Sikkim on August 14, 2021 accused the state government of giving false and incorrect explanation on COVID-19 management in the state. In which HC stated that “ While analysing the statements comprising with the requirement of Standard Operating Procedures, this court has found that the officer who filed the affidavit has not furnished with correct information”.

Following to which the High court stated that  the state government is bound under provisions as contained in the Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP) corresponding to Article 21 of the Constitution in terms of health and security of the people of the state.

“Therefore, with hope and trust that within two weeks the Advocate General would come forward with the correct and genuine issue/replies and explanations of the previous orders and make his submission in the next date”. The next hearing is due on September 1”. Stated High Court of Sikkim

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