The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is a United Nations International Day against drug abuse and the illegal drug trade

The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is a United Nations International Day against drug abuse and the illegal drug trade. It has been observed annually on 26 June, since 1989.

On behalf of this I  Yogesh Gyaba Tamang thought of writing a short article regarding this to bring awareness to the society and to the upcoming generation. They now need to know where their future is heading towards too, and I suggest them instead of occupying thoughts with stupid things to read motivational book and watch motivational videos on YouTube.

In which direction is the young leader of the society heading? Why are the stars of tomorrow stained? Why are some young women today falling prey to drugs ? Why is there rust in the society?

It is time for all of us to reflect on this. I see young girls and boys drowning in the world of drugs, ruining their lives. Such a priceless life is being wasted. After all, why do these kids use drugs? 

Today’s children don’t have to mow the grass in the morning, they don’t have to dig cow dung, they don’t have to walk to school or college.

After all, what is happening in our society?

It is the dream of every mother and father to lead their children in the right path so that they can be the support of old age. If you want to get rid of all addictions, the biggest thing is your mind. If you can keep your mind captive, you will be free from all these things. Unless the building of change grows out of your mind. It is impossible to change the mind, even in the best rehabilitation centre, until and unless you are determined and willing to quit.

If you are unemployed, do business, the mountain is a spot for tourist attractions, wherever you touch there is money, the knowledge that you have procured through books, seen, utilize it and become self-dependent. This is an age of social networking.

Can do business in a modern way like  Daju Migma Girmi Sherpa Rimbick Fresh a vegetable shop. His vegetable shop is now popular in the social media too.

Sikkim’s daughter Sheela Wongchen Rai is an educated woman. She collects and carries vegetables from the villages and sells them in the capital of Sikkim. I watch her live videos on Facebook every day.I feel very proud that a woman is making a correct use of Facebook and leading and guiding us towards correct path. She is an inspiration and motivation towards the future generations. All because of this, people admires and appreciates her work.

So just like them, those who are addicted to drugs can set up their mind and indulge in such business to keep their mind occupied.

A few weeks ago, the news about the Mirik drug issue flared in the mountains, lowlands and Dooars. Anxious about the situation, I am unable to sleep till today.

What will happen to the future generation if such things continues? Who will lead the country? How will they lead the country?

Certain actions are immediately required.

 Are you consuming drugs because you have been betrayed?

If so you are the foolish person in the whole world. I don’t think, so it is  a right decision.

Don’t you remember your parents?

Your family loves you more than anyone.

Think about your mother, who loves you whole -heartedly. Do not blame the person who betrayed you .

If you think you are a human being carrying brains, let’s see from today itself you cease to follow nuisance.If you are truthful, obviously you will get a right partner, there is no doubt.

If you respect yourself, probably you will be respected. Build up your responsibility.

Nobody can stop you from doing so until and unless you are willing to quit.

Self -determination is essential, without it, it’s impossible.

So bring change from now !



You and you only can bring a change! Eventually, I begin my poem, and here it flows,

I want to be free 

from addictions!

Something is drilling me 

from inside,

creating a hollow,

Impossible to swallow.

You can see me absolutely complete

but inwardly sick!

For me, 

every morning is as dark 

as a moonlit night!

Take me away from those who love me more than my soul, in solitude!

Every single day sucks my little bit of blood!!

I like to sing in my own tune,

Loneliness has become my home,

What is happening to me?

I don’t know!

I want to be free 

from addictions!

If it is a truth

that existence of God 

is on this Earth,

Show your magic

and get me out of this tragic ,

I am dying everyday

Living in a world of fantasy,

Save me!

Save me!

Please, save me!Views/Opinions expressed in the article is purely of the author and not of the Sikkim Chronicle. For any queries or contradictions, the author can be contacted in his/her email ID.By Yogesh Gyaba Tamang. He can be contacted at gyabayogesh@gmail.com

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