Sikkim University Student’s Association President resigns

On the occasion of 14th foundation day of Sikkim university, president of Sikkim university student association Mahesh Rai submits his resignation.

In his letter of resignation he mentioned that, “when visible miscarriage of justice is rampant in the state and when various organs of the government have adjusted to suppress the voice of commons, it gives me no moral space to continue as a mere spectator. Sir, I took oath under your dictation in the name of almighty God and the Constitution of SUSA wherein I had vowed to uphold the interest of students which I have failed.”

“When my Chief Minister does not respond to protect the rights and future of the 4 students of Gyalshing College, it pains me to continue every day donning this responsible position. I must resign on moral grounds, I must resign on ethical grounds.” Added the statement

Rai furthermore mentioned that his parents were victimized and transferred “Both of my parents, Government servants, were victimized and transferred to far-away places, I did not stop. Mental trauma followed when I was emotionally cornered by certain people when we tried to invite the attention of the Government in the matters of State University, I did not stop.”

Speaking with Sikkim chronicle, he stated that reasons for his resignation were when the government was unable to respond in case of expulsion of four students of Gyalshing college and the current demand of the Ad hoc teachers

“To make university bills is not progress in education sector of the state, by encouraging private universities in the state the government cannot claim themselves as government of poor” said Rai

Rai further appealing to all the students of the state said , “ I appeal students to come forward and work for themselves at their own level”

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