IPR dept observes pledge-taking ceremony in a campaign against gender-based violence

Gangtok, December 21 (via IPR): The Information and Public Relations Department observed a pledge-taking ceremony today at Soochana Bhawan, IPR department in Gangtok.

The pledge was taken to observe the Campaign against Gender-Based Violence, an initiative of the State Rural Livelihood Mission under the Rural Development Department. It is a month-long campaign starting on 25th November 2022 and concluding on 23rd December 2022.

The pledge-taking ceremony was conducted by Namrata Thapa, Secretary, Information and Public Relations Department, and officials from IPR Department participated.

Many different activities have been initiated for this campaign against Gender Violence. Articles regarding gender- violence are being prepared for publication in Sikkim Herald. Similarly, awareness slogans for digital banners have been designed accordingly, and many short PSA (Public Service Announcements) have been produced for regular broadcast by IPR Department.

The pledge-taking ceremony was followed by the Secretary IPR greeting everyone with good wishes for Loosong/Namsong, Christmas and the New year.

The pledge is enclosed for reference.


Whether it is a daughter or a son we will celebrate the birth of both.

We will give equal opportunity to both daughter and son for equal education and growth.

Together we will oppose child and forced marriage, domestic violence.

We will teach our sons to respect women and girls.

We will oppose every form of violence against women, and we will leave no stone unturned to get justice for the survivor.

We will protect every survivor with dignity and keep her story confidential.

We will never take the law into our own hands and will spread the message of peace and solidarity to every household and village.

We will give equal property rights to daughters and sons.

We will support the weak and destitute.


Violence is wrong in every form

We will raise our voices against violence

Give due respect to women

And stand up for the rights

Violence is not just a women’s issue,

But a social issue

We will be supportive voices for women in our community

We won’t let any women’s voice be suppressed

We will help women access their rights

We will provide safe environment for them

We will support women

We will strive to spread this new perspective

We will not inflict violence, nor will we tolerate it

We will not tolerate it, we will speak up against it.

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