India creates world record of 2.5 crore vaccination in a Single Day: PM Modi committed towards vaccinating last Indian standing on earth

In spite of this stack of difficulties and intricacies, the Indian government, under the vibrant and dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi handled the disaster in an amicable strategy. PM Modi is optimistic, he thumped down all possibilities in the worldwide battle against Covid and continue to acquire astounding popularity, affections and support, not only in India but throughout the world. He has been adjudged the most popular leader in the global approval rating.

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It has been over eighteen months since the Covid-19 has overhauled our lives, and dealing with the pandemic still appears to be the biggest challenge for leaders of every Nation. Amidst battling the undetectable adversary, governments all throughout the world have spent much of their resources, lost many lives and the economy severely. 

Following the summarization of the little relief from the first wave, the invasion of the second wave evolved like a tsunami in India, darkness and chaos shocked every mechanism of the nation, as a reason the Indian government observed this crisis as the pinnacle and most testing period of the century.

In spite of this stack of difficulties and intricacies, the Indian government, under the vibrant and dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi handled the disaster in an amicable strategy. PM Modi is optimistic, he thumped down all possibilities in the worldwide battle against Covid and continue to acquire astounding popularity, affections and support, not only in India but throughout the world. He has been adjudged the most popular leader in the global approval rating.

The world’s largest vaccination drive is continuously creating new dimensions, it is an extraordinary pride for all countrymen that India has now achieved yet another historic milestone by attaining 2.5 crore vaccinations on September 17, 2021. Auspiciously, this also coincides with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 71st Birthday and also the 75th year of India’s Independence. Indeed, it is a cherished gift to the PM on his birthday. Notably, this is the first in global history that over two crore doses have been administered in a single day.  With paramount management in the Coronavirus crisis, this extraordinary feat and magnificent figure reflect the new India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. Under his vision and devoted leadership, India has played a key role in effectively combating the Covid.

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign began in mid-January 2021, and India has already immunized more people than other nations combined. It’s an encouraging gesture that vaccine hesitancy is fading away throughout the country, increasing number of adults and youths are coming forward for jabs through walk-in enrolment.

Ever since India set the world record by administering a record one crore plus jabs on a single day on August 27, 2021, then there has been no looking back, the pace picked up at lightning speed. There is global acclaim for India’s significant triumph, Microsoft chief Bill Gates has saluted the endeavours of millions of healthcare workers in India, Gates said India has crossed a ‘tremendous milestone’. Likewise, Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization Soumya Swaminathan complimented the thousands of healthcare professionals associated with the gigantic exercise.

Presently there is absolutely no vaccine shortage in the country and ideally, more foreign vaccines will be accessible soon as many of them have already received the emergency use endorsement. As of now, India’s Covid immunizations coverage has surpassed over 80 crore mark and India aims to vaccinate the maximum percentage of people and that too in record time, the Modi government has plans to vaccinate at least 1 crore people every day. India is devoted to vaccinate all its grown-up populace with double doses by the end of 2021. Hon’ble PM is committed to vaccinating down to the last Indian citizen standing on earth. So far, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Goa, Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu, Ladakh and Lakshadweep have achieved the target of administering the 100 percent first free dose of Covid-19 vaccine to its eligible population.

The Modi government is also dedicated to the safety and security of doctors, healthcare and frontline workers who have saved many lives during the pandemic. Highly focusing on the public health sector with adequate budget allocation, the Modi government is making all efforts to create robust modern medical infrastructure in the country. Now India has a health budget that is 137% more than the previous year, which shows the far-sightedness of Prime Minister Modi. Within seven years- 15 AIIMS have been added. From just 1-2 testing labs during the time Covid-19 hit the country, India now has about 1400 Hi-tech Labs. Amid the pandemic, every month the BJP government was feeding nearly 9 crore people throughout the nation consistently. The mission “Indradhanush” remains to be the key health objective of the Modi government.

India is witnessing exceptional cooperation in the fight against the Covid pandemic. The “team India ” mantra endowed by the humble Prime Minister has drawn in incredible bonhomie ambience in the nation -without any regional boundaries or political hostilities towards defeating the Covid pandemic. The Prime Minister coordinated frequent meetings, video conferences with all chief ministers, chief secretaries and frontline workers. Several positive ideas and suggestions were being shared in between, later the same was put into use and executed appropriately. Under Prime Minister’s promising direction, the spirit & excellence of cooperative federations is altogether meeting up in a single platform to ensure that the Covid pandemic is kept under control.

In a populous country like India having a 1.38 crores population, the Modi Government has already vaccinated above 80 crore people in a brief timeframe, these achievements are exemplary. Besides this, India has perplexing and tremendous demography, troublesome landscapes, logistic challenges, different strokes and different mentalities of oppositions. Moreover, there is a gigantic distinction in health infrastructure layout between India and developed nations, yet India attained this colossal feat so early, which is highly commendable.

In the event that other opposition leaders were in the position or in charge of the Prime Minister Modi during such pandemic/emergency, we might have lost somewhere in the range of 10 and 15 crore of lives, because of blunder. Fortunately, PM Modi handled the situation so tactfully, as a reason, he has been positioned among the world top innovators in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, guaranteeing the wellbeing of individuals while simultaneously offering all the fundamental help to fellow nations. Compassionate leadership is based on good faith, wisdom and support, which is genuinely a momentous combination that reflects on PM, Modi.

It’s a global fact that initially there were severe and critical under-production of vaccines across the world, even many developed nations experienced vaccine dearth issues. Auspiciously, India promptly discovered two indigenous vaccines to immunize its people, Moreover, generally speaking for a vaccine to be invented, it normally requires 5-10 years but the commitment of Indian scientists and also the resolve of the Government of India have been able to discover two high efficacy domestic vaccines just within one year since the flare-up of a pandemic. India’s high efficacy vaccines have truly galvanized sensations around the globe. The government’s endeavour to create a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine is proving to be fruitful. At present, about 7 Covid-19 vaccines are approved for use in India, and more other vaccines are in Clinical Trials in India. Among these, Zykov-D is India’s first Covid-19 vaccine for those above 12, has got the emergency endorsement.

India is as yet wrestling with the second wave of Covid infections, now there are worries that a third wave might hit the country in future, which seems “inevitable”. Accordingly, the government has appealed to the citizens to follow COVID- 19 appropriate behaviour and quick immunization to shield and keep the third wave from happening with more intensity. On the prominent public broadcast “maan ki bat”, while reflecting on the COVID-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister reminded people about the mantra of “Dawai Bhi, Kadai Bhi” and encouraged them to vaccinate and take careful precautions.

At this crossroads, alongside medical and technical support, confidence, faith and hope are the fundamental mantra of the Modi government to battle this pandemic. India ought to be pleased to have a Prime Minister like Narendra Modi who is sincere, dynamic, benevolent and hard-working. PM Modi has won countless blessings from millions of hearts for his selfless, dedicated and the best Covid management and deliverance. Since pandemics are natural cataclysms, Prime Minister Modi has pulled out all the stops to battle the feared COVID-19 pandemic. PM, Modi has become a symbol of ‘hope’ in the hearts of millions of individuals. Under his leadership, India will absolutely skip back from this crisis and emerge as a global power.

By  Manoj Joshi. The author is a freelance writer, he can be contacted at gloriousmj2020@gmail.com

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