House burns down in South Sikkim; upto 10 lacs in damage reported

A house burned in Mickkhola Busty, Namchi.

The house of Mahendra Rai caught fire at Mickkhola Busty in Namchi district on the early morning of January 10 at 1:30 am.

As per the victim’s family, the fire lasted for half an hour, completely destroying everything inside. At the time of the fire, only one member of the family was present at the house and did not sustain any injuries.

A member of the victim’s family added that the reason for the fire is still unknown and the police were not informed as the roads were inaccessible at an instant.

Speaking to the Sikkim Chronicle, they informed that the fire was extinguished with the help of neighbours.

A member of the victim’s family said that they lost items worth up to an estimated 10 lacs due to the fire, which included important documents, money, and various valuable items, according to the victim.

The member of the victim family also informed that number of officials have paid a visit and were assured of a compensation of about 1 lakh 30 thousand rupees.

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