What Sikkimese Youths want? by Nitesh R Pradhan


Nitesh R Pradhan 

Gangtok, 22 March : Of late the state has seen a slew of protests. These are issues ranging from labour to health. Most common of them have been regularisation demands by section that is interested to take up government jobs.

The youths are eagerly anticipating what decisions the voters will give in the election which they hope will chart a fresh direction for the biggest chunk of electorate.

Footballer Sanju Pradhan says that focus of the government should be on rural infrastructure and to properly address all the issues rural citizens have.

Development of sports infrastructure in all areas of rural and urban has also been touted by Mr Pradhan for the next government to focus which he states will de-influence youths from being misled and misguided into depression and substance abuse.

Government employee, Darshan Upreti states that representation of youths also needs to be improved.

He adds that youth who form the largest chunk of the population is least represented which has a negative impact when it comes to decision making.

Another youth, a securuty personal Losip Khamba is hopeful that the new government would see an active participation of youths in all levels of policy and decision making.

“Youths are now taking a serious and an active part in politics,” he adds.

Abishek Sharma a young government employees expressed that the leader we elect should not necessarily be a youth but he/she needs to understand the prospective of the youth.

Advocate Pragya Satpathy states that youths need to be taken to a progressive and peaceful direction.

She adds that in all levels of the new government youths should have an active participation.

“Decision making bodies of education and entrepreneurial sectors should have more youths which will give a fresh perspective to governance,” she said.

A shift in the paradigm of decision making bodies of Government where youths have not just a token presence but important decision making powers is what was echoed by many.

Sidharth Pradhan, a college student and a first time voter expresses excitement for his first vote and he says that his decision to vote for a candidate depends upon the freshness of ideas he has for the people and the constituency.

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