West Sikkim: Administration bans use of ‘single use plastic’ inside Rabdentse area


West District administration has issued a notice not to allow any single use plastic inside the historic Rabdentse palace ruins and bird parks in West Sikkim.

The notice issued by the West District Collector on October 3 reads that the tourist or the visitors entering Rabdentse palace ruins and bird park shall not be allowed to carry any single use plastic items, plastic water bottles, tetra packs, plastic covered processed food items and other wastes which can degrade the environment.

” All the such items shall be deposited at the entry gate” reads the notification. 

The District Collector said that the decesion has been taken to protect the places from plastic pollution and other solid waste. 

Prior to this, the visitors  were allowed to take plastic water bottles and other eatables.

Rabdenste was the second capital of former Kingdom of Sikkim from 1670 to 1814. 

This monument has been declared as of national importance by the Archeological Survey of India. 

Meanwhile the Sidkeong Tuluk bird park was opened in 2017. The bird park consists of calliformes family like golden pheasant, Reeves pheasant, silver pheasant, lady Amherst pheasant, Silver golden pheasant, yellow pheasant, Jindaya Conur, Indian Fantail Pigeon and Love birds. 

The total area of the bird park is two hectares. 

” This is a welcoming gesture by the West District administration, similar ban should be imposed on places like monasteries, sanctuaries, parks so that the plastic pollution is stopped” said a senior citizen, LB Chettri.


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