The Himalayan Cleanup 2020 wins the grant of European Conservation Outdoor Association (EOCA)


The winner in the Mountain category with 58% of the votes is The Himalayan Cleanup Integrated Mountain Initiative. The Himalayan Cleanup 2020 was shortlisted by European Outdoors Conservation Association.

Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI) along with Zero Waste Himalaya (ZWH) had organised the Himalayan Cleanup (THC) in 2018 which is a pan-Himalayan initiative taken to raise awareness about waste in the Indian Himalayan Region. On May 26th 2018, 12 states, 200 organisations and more than 15000 volunteers gathered to conduct cleanups in various areas on a single day. THC was also in coordination with a brand audit being conducted by GAIA Asia. The resulting report of trash collected has revealed that more than 60 per cent was multilayered plastic waste and more than 95 per cent was plastic with no place being free of plastic waste. The mountains do not have adequate systems of waste management where the waste travels up only to be trashed in the sacred Himalaya.

Thus, the Himalayan Cleanup 2020 was shortlisted for a grant by the European Conservation Outdoor Association (EOCA) and the only project from Indiawhich was been selected.

The activities that shall be supported by the grant are.-

1. A Workshop on waste with representatives of 12 mountain states and regions

2. Training for peer educators in all 12 mountain states and regions across the Indian Himalayan region.
3. Clean-up across the 12 mountain states and equipment for THC 2020


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