The Authorities Mocking Away the Truth of CoVID-19

The Authorities Mocking Away the Truth of CoVID-19

“...apart from psychological, physical and social parameter, we are missing out another very important parameter for qualifying health and that is; ENVIRONMENT... ”

-Dr. Sinchan Das (2020),

History has been the evidence that every time we have been exposed to any deadly epidemic or pandemic, the humanitarian complexes of this highly scientific era have tried to eradicate them with some of the most adverse manipulations within Nature. However, it is also the fact that this barrier has rather made that epidemic or pandemic causing agents even more complex and transformed. So, is it the management or manipulations? Isn’t   CoVID-19 the result of consistent man-made manipulations?   

According to Dr Sinchan Das, the advancement in the modern medical system has no doubt helped us to manage the prevalence of many deadly diseases but in exchange of several autoimmune and metabolic diseases, where the outbreak of CoVID-19 is just the splinter of even more deadly and unmanageable series of pandemics and epidemics in future.

In addition, Dr Das has also added that the diseases that were declared perished will upraise once again but in a form that is more virulent. And unfortunately, if these so-called qualified fraternities continue with their consistent manipulations then the day is not far, where each cell of our body will feed on itself making it incapable of fighting to slightest manifestation, for instance, the common cold. (CoVID-19,  A Man-Made Disaster & its Treatment and CoVID-19, The Fact, Hidden Secrets, Treatment and Prevention, 2020).

Despite this, people are blindly endorsing themselves with more and more manipulative substances converting their body to be the most suitable host for diseases and infections to reinforce. So, are Nature and microorganisms the ones! Who are causing these diseases? Or, is it the gift from the consistent implementation of generalizing approaches through herbal substances, supplements, and drug dependency by our so-called modern scientific society? In addition, many of his other research papers have also clearly shown that the world today is actually living within the artificially crafted world of the drug-dependent era where we all are slowly getting submerged into the dumps of diseases.

Today, this generalised approach has become a mechanised machinery system where they are focused on observing rapid changes with the endorsement of similar artificial substances for different body makeup. Is it a well-designed treatment approach or are we just being the specimen for trial and error in their laboratories?

The establishment of medical systems was formulated for the welfare of mankind but off lately, it has become the medium of greed for some of the highly qualified medical fraternities around the world. When we are exposed to any kind of diseases, the designed protocol is just focused on suppressing the causes while overlooking the correction of other parameters such as lifestyle, diet, though patterns, social surrounding and many more.  

By Swastika Subba B.Sc. Genetics, MA(Psychology)  Priyankesh Mishra B.Sc. Biotechnology MA Psychology Diploma in Deep Tissue Massage (5CEU)Diploma in Acupressure (5CEU)