‘Sudden Growth but No Maturity can prove to be fatal for Sikkim’ by Gaurav Subba


Many people use the word growth and maturity interchangeably but in Psychology – ‘Growth’ and ‘Maturity’ are different. Growth is the physical process of development. On the other hand; Maturity is the physical, intellectual, or emotional process of development. Therefore if we are really concerned for the state we need to see it from the perspectives of Growth and Maturity as well. Considering state to be a living organism much like a human then we can try to understand ‘Sikkim’ considering it to be a living organism too. By this it means we have to observe and analyze the ‘Birth’ and its ‘Growth’ and so far its stages of ‘Maturity’. Henceforth, After Sikkim being part of India and abolishing monarchical institution and opting for democracy, Sikkim was “Born” on 1975 and today we are witnessing the year of 2019 and if we exactly see the ‘Age’ of the state (Sikkim), it is just 44 years old, which means looking from the context of ‘time and space’ regarding the origin of state and the historical evolution of it and the states respective ideologies etc. we can realize how young and tender is (Sikkim). Apart from many examples – one example I would like to cite is that of America – now she is more than 200 years old after Independence from the European power. Now, within these period (time and space) context we can very well realize and imagine – how the country must have progressed towards growth and maturity and reflect on why there needs a step by step process for growth so that maturity takes place. Similarly looking at it we can try to comprehend and look at various phases and step-by-step process of Sikkim for its Growth and Maturity. Even if we see a country India – if we go age wise it is just 75 years old after Independence and from this we can at least figure out States Growth and Maturity comparing to those rest of the other countries in the world.

Therefore the current 2019 election in Sikkim really provides a scope to carefully examine the growth and maturity of the state. Here, if we see from the context of time and space right after 1975 and during the period of Lt. L.D. Kazi – there was suppose to be a proper nurturing of the establishments of newly born state but without being able to completely get nurtured people aspired to move towards other time and space, bringing Lt. N.B. Bhandari – and during his time and space there was suppose to be proper development of infrastructures, which he did, but this period (time and space) too did not get the opportunity to be nurtured completely. Similarly during the time and space of Mr. P.K. Chamling – and during this period the state got entangled in the complex web of transparency, accountability, and efficiency – there is no doubt, every one in their time and space did their best and are doing their best. Again in 2019 we can see that people wants to move forward in new time and space demanding “Change”, “Youth Representatives” and “Educated Representative”. But without the state being nurtured step by step properly and completely, we people of Sikkim should really take a pause and need to rethink, keeping in mind about the Growth and Maturity of the state and act accordingly.
Therefore, analyzing the age in respect to Growth and Maturity of Sikkim we can assume Sikkim is truly young and tender in her age, comparing the other countries in the world. Thus being carried away by the particular time and space context only, and not being cautious enough to pay attention to Growth and Maturity can cause disaster.
Hence, Sudden Growth but no Steady Maturity can prove to be fatal for Sikkim.

Gaurav Subba
Ph.D. Research Scholar.
Sribadam, West Sikkim


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