Strict action shall be taken on lockdown violation: DC East

Courtesy: Mechung Bhutia Facebook Profile

Gangtok, March 24: District Collector East, IAS Raj Yadav on Tuesday, spoke with Sikkim Chronicle to warn the general public against violation of the temporary lockdown and home quarantines starting from 25 March till 31 March.

Yadav emphasized that till now all Government orders and circulars were on behalf of the Sikkimese people so that the people won’t face any difficulties. Yadav says the Sikkimese people are not abiding the Section 144 CrPC which was imposed on 20 March till 18 April. According to Section 144 CrPc, an assembly of more than five people isn’t allowed and shop/ establishments owners were to report immediately if any suspicious persons.

“People are roaming bazaar areas, shops and restaurants aren’t closed till 9:00 P.M so as the administration, we have decided to take strict action against violators especially during the lockdown time. The Government has emphasized time and again the importance of the lockdown and people have been advised to quarantine in their homes. If we find any violators to the lockdown, they shall be prosecuted.”

Yadav also went over the list of exempted parties from the Government circular. Regarding the students in other states and their parents cry for help he said, “Even though the Government wants all it’s students to be in their own home state, it would be selfish on our part. The central government has banned all forms of nationwide travel and we can assure the states in which the students are will do their best in keeping these students safe. All the students have to do is to stay home in quarantine. Also, the State Government has allowed students to return to the State till 25 March, but travel has been banned by the Centre”

IAS Raj Yada also spoke on how 68 students from the Chief Minister’s merit scholarship scheme who were out of the State and were brought back yesterday were supposed to undergo mandatory quarantine at SICUN, Assam Lingzey for 14 days. The villagers at Assam Lingzey, fearing their own safety did not allow the students and the medical team to enter. “If the people of Sikkim aren’t willing to help and be co-operative towards their own, we can’t expect it from other States. These students are our responsibility, not just the Government’s but the State’s as well. We can’t be doing this to our own people.”

Due to a lack of awareness on the COVID-19 in Assam Lingzey, the villagers thought that the students were already infected, as they didn’t know what quarantine meant.

As promised by DC East Raj Yadav, strict action was taken against the 250 people mob. Since this was a gross violation of the Prohibitory Order passed by the District Magistrate/ East on 19/03/2020 and 21/03/2020 u/s 144 CrPc a case was filed against the ‘mob’ at Assam Lingzey who prevented the officers, police and medical team from performing their duty and also allegedly manhandled the medical team.

 The above has come as a lesson and a warning from the administration will not be hesitant to strictly punish any violators.


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