Statewide lockdown extended till August 3

Gangtok, July 31: The Home Department of Sikkim, issued a notification today to extend the statewide lockdown till 6 am of 3rd August.

Statewide lockdown extended till August 3

Gangtok, July 31: The Home Department of Sikkim, issued a notification today to extend the statewide lockdown till 6 am of 3rd August.

All the guidelines issued earlier would be effective in this period which are:

  • All government offices, shops, commercial establishments, institutions, markets and factories shall be closed except the exempted establishments.
  • All activities, congregations and movement of people, goods and passenger vehicles are restricted except the exempted ones.

The exempted ones are the movement of vehicles and people who are engaged in essential goods services such as food items, vegetables, milk, petroleum products.

Shops dealing with essentials goods, rations, medicines, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and other essential products are allowed to operate from 8 am to 5 pm. Medical shops are allowed to operate until 7 pm.

Movement of people and vehicles engaged in providing essential services of hospitals, veterinary, Telecom, banking, media, waste management, post office and other services would be allowed with proper identity cards and the movement should in proper working hours.

The movement of emergency services such as law and order, fire, relief and rescue, hospitals, COVID19 management, quarantine centre related activities and army and paramilitary forces will be allowed.

Movement of private and taxi vehicles would be allowed in case of a medical emergency while showing proper medical papers to the on-duty police officer.

Inter-state movement would only be allowed for designated trucks ferrying essential goods services and medical emergencies, with authorisation of the authority. Outward movement of goods carriers of pharma companies and empty trucks would be allowed and regulated by the concerned district magistrate.

For social occasions such as marriage and funerals not more than 20 people would be allowed to gather with prior intimation to the local police with the maintenance of guidelines issued and social distancing.

MGNEREGA works, agricultural, horticultural and Animal Husbandry related activities in rural areas would be allowed with social distancing.
All educational institutes, training coaching centres shall be non-operational till 31st August.

There would be night curfew from 7:30 pm to 6 am next morning in this period as well be everyone has been directed to follow national guidelines.

Sikkim’s home department has also issued revised guidelines which would be effective after the lockdown period till 31st August for strict compliance.
According to the revised guidelines, the activities which will remain prohibited are –

  • Inter-state movement of vehicles and people expected the permitted ones; operation of all educational, training, coaching institutions, schools, colleges expected online and distance teaching; operation of all cinema halls, sports complexes, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars, assembly; gatherings including social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural and religious; religious congregations.
  • The guidelines state that marriage-related gathering will be allowed with a maximum of 50 people and funeral rites with a maximum of 20 people. Religious congregations will be allowed with the prior written permission of the DM concerned.
  • Yoga institutes and gymnasiums will be allowed from 5th August as per the Standard Operating Procedures issued by Ministry of Health, Government of India. Independence Day-related activities will be allowed following the letter issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs earlier.

Some of the activities would be permitted after the lockdown with restrictions those are:

  • Movement of people and vehicles (including taxis, private cars and government vehicles with relevant identity cards) within the municipal or GPU limits while following the odd/even stipulations and other guidelines issued earlier such as the number of passengers as well as safety guidelines.
  • Two-wheeler shall be allowed with odd/even stipulation without pillion rider.
  • The two-wheeler engaged in the delivery of food by restaurant/fast food centres/ sweet shops/ bakeries will be allowed without odd/even rule stipulation from 8 am to 8:30 pm.
  • Other commercial vehicles will also be allowed within local limits.
  • The passes for government vehicles already issued by the home department to various departments, by health and family welfare department, forest and environment department and Sikkim Police for their personnel shall continue to remain valid.
  • Movement within the twin township of Jorethang-Nayabazar, Mamring-Rangpo, and Singtam-Asarshgaon will be treated as local movement subject to regulations relating containment zone.
  • It has been directed to the police to ensure barricading and place police pickets to restrict and regulate movement within local limits only.
  • The inter- and intra-district movement will be prohibited for vehicles (including government vehicles with valid identity cards) and people except for maintenance of supply chain of essential goods such as food items, vegetables, meat products, dairy items, medical supplies, LPG etc; maintenance of all essential services such as hospitals, Telecom, banks, power and water supply, sanitation, media personnel accredited by IPR department, Anganwadi centre, etc with proper identity cards; emergency/security/public health and safety-related services such as law and order, fire, hospitals emergency restoration, army, para-military, etc without separate passes; the movement of people and vehicles in case of a medical emergency with relevant medical papers or prescription.

The inter-state movement will be allowed for only commercial good carriers (except LCVs) carrying essential goods, hardware, construction materials, and other merchandise as per the Standard Operating Procedure notified by state’s Transport Department.

Inter-state movement of people will be allowed as per the standard registration and permit system operated by the State Control Room. In-permits shall be issued to returnees and resident of Sikkim, people employed in government offices, banks, institutions, companies, projects and constructions sites in Sikkim and people travelling for official work, business or project-related works with mandatory medical screening and testing are entry point and standard home/ project site quarantine protocol as per the Standard Operating Procedure of the state health department. The entry of skilled manpower will be considered on case to case basis.

All licenced standalone shops including showrooms, auto garages, tyre repair shops, barbershops, spas, salons, shall remain open with 50% staff strength from 8 am to 6 pm except the shops in shopping complexes, multi-brand and single-brand malls.

All hotels, restaurants, fast food centres, sweet-shops and bakeries shall be allowed to operate with 50% staff strength and room or seating capacity from 8 am to 8 pm, medical shops will also be allowed to operate in the same timing.

Gymnasiums shall be allowed to operate with 50% occupancy of the total capacity from 7 am to 6 pm.

All other commercial establishments, company offices and institutions shall be allowed to operate with 50% staff strength.

Markets shall also observe weekly closure as before. Manager or proprietor has been directed to ensure the installation of Aarogya Setu App by all employees.

One time Inter-district movement of factory workers stranded in different districts will be allowed with prior clearance from the concerned District Magistrate. One time the transportation of factory inputs and goods such as packing material would also be allowed.

All central government offices shall operate as per the instructions of the Government of India and with the general application of these guidelines about travel or movement.

All the state government offices shall operate with 30% of staff strength on all working days as per the roaster for which all secretaries and HODs should maintain it. They should even ensure that all-important works are promptly attended to. All gazetted officers have been directed to attend office regularly. These instructions will also apply to all boards/ corporations/ societies etc under the state administrative control of Government departments.

Installation of Aarogya Setu app will be compulsory to all the employees of central and state government offices.

It has directed that there shall be no vehicular movement between 9 pm to 7 am except for emergency purposes as well as vehicles on government duty.

All the guidelines shall not apply to the containment zones. The restriction on movement and activities allowed within the containment zones shall be as per the guidelines of Government of India.

Persons above 65 years of age, persons with co-morbidities, pregnant women and children below 10 years of age has been directed to stay at home except meeting essential requirements for health purpose.

Any violation of the issues guidelines will be liable to be proceeding against as per the provisions of Section 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 and other legal actions.

Meanwhile, five wards of Rangpo Nagar Panchayat, Chanatar, Upper Bazaar, Mandi Bazaar, Mining IBM and Majhitar has been declared as containment zones by East District administration due to the recent rise in COVID19 positive cases.