Stakeholders in Sikkim’s industries hold meeting with C&ID


Gangtok, March 18: A meeting was organized by stakeholders in the many industries within Sikkim regarding the precautionary measures against COVID-19. It was chaired by Shri. H.D. Negi, Pr. Secretary Labour Department and organized jointly with the Commerce and Industries Department where Shri. H.K Sharma,  IAS, Secretary and Shri. N. Jaswant, IFS, Director MSME attended the programme. 

Shri Jaswant requested the companies to arrange for a thermal scanner at every unit’s gate for screening the temperature of employees/workers before entering the premises and before boarding the transportation bus. Putting up visual alert icons with instruction in appropriate languages about hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette and placing of alcohol-based hand sanitizer with tissues at entrances, waiting rooms, cafeterias, storerooms and buses were also asked to be paid attention to. 

In case of any suspected cases, the companies may identify in the unit area for creating temporary quarantine space. Large gatherings, either formal or informal were asked to be discouraged. He also requested the companies to provide surgical masks to the workers and make arrangements for maintaining a certain distance between them while working.

Shri. H.K Sharma also urged the companies to co-operate in this pandemic and requested the companies to discourage external visitors and employees unless it is extremely important. He requested the companies to abide by the principle of safety and stay safe from the potential threats for infection due to the mass gathering of workers from different parts of Sikkim. 

Shri. H.D. Negi extended his support to the companies for using the high-end stitching machine installed at the Labour Department for creating face masks, provided the companies have expertise in making such. He requested the companies to be generous in supporting the State Government in all possible means in the efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Sikkim.

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