Special committee formed to cater help to Group C&D employees; CM assures all support


Pointing out on the previous government’s attitude towards the government employees, especially with the Group C&D, the Chief Minister, PS Golay, claimed that no government employee now needs to knock the door of the Court, seeking justice in regard to their services, facilities and rights. The newly formed government will solve every of their (the employees’) problems, he assured.

The CM stated these while addressing the gathering of Group C&D employees at Paljor Stadium, Gangtok, on Sunday. The event was a state level convention of Group C&D government employees, organized by All Sikkim Government Employees’ Association (ASGEA- Group C&D).
“We have to change our attitude of ‘me and my’ to ‘we and ours’. This change in attitude and work culture will surely help all of us to work together for the betterment of Sikkim and its people”, the CM stated.
Adding further in his address he asserted that the government employees are important persons who play a vital role in the overall development of the state and whose failure in giving productive output may result to a failure in proper implementation of all the government projects and schemes.

Speaking regarding the promotion of the employees, Golay said that promotion is a right of every government employee and one doesn’t need to thank him as it isn’t a favour. “We need to get rid of the thanking culture”, he added.

Urging the gathering to work efficiently and fearlessly, he told that the state government is working, keeping the lower groups of employees as its top priority.

Mentioning about the demands not being fulfilled in time, the CM clarified that it is not possible for any government to fulfill all the demands in 3 to 4 months. “It is a long process, but the demands will surely get fulfilled”, he said and added that his government wills to work in favour of every employee.

Recalling his days when he used to be a government employee, he empathized with the employees and expressed that he feels and understands their problems. Informing about the special committee formed by the government to look after the various problems faced by the Group C&D employees, Golay directed the committee members to build it strong in order to function efficiently for the betterment of the employees.
Comparing his newly formed government with the earlier one, he highlighted that there was no financial discipline in the previous government following which the state is now financially broken.

Reiterating the slew of decisions made by the present government, the CM informed that all arrears will be paid at once and arrangements for the same are being made. Further, he notified that the government is working on a scheme to provide health insurance to all its employees which shall cover up to 20 lacs annually and the same insurance coverage will be delivered to at least 5 members of the employee’s family. This shall save the medical reimbursement expenditure of the government. Employees with the health Insurance can get medically treated in most of the major government empaneled hospitals in the country and even the new STNM hospital here will have an opportunity to earn revenue, if people undergo treatment here.

Apart from the schemes, he also spoke about various achievements of his government since its formation.
The day long state level convention was attended by the Speaker SLA, Deputy Speaker, Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, Chief Secretary, Departmental Heads, Advisors, Chairmen and the Group C&D employees from all four districts of the state. The convention also had the presence of members of 37 different employees’ association throughout the state. Others who addressed the gathering were, Sangay Zangpo Bhutia, President of ASGEA and Rapden Bhutia, General Secretary, ASGEA.
It may be mentioned here that this is the first state level convention organised by the association.

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