“ Some police officers are abusing power” says Nawin Kiran, holds a presser in Gangtok

Political activist and advocate Nawin Kiran called a press conference at Gangtok on June 17. While addressing the presser, he put some major allegations towards some officials of the Sikkim police Department.

He alleged  some police officers for abusing the power and being political motivated. He further alleged some police officials for behaving as the member of the political party and harassing some citizens continuously.

He added on how fake cases have been created to arrest some opposition voices or voice of dissent. He  has accused some officers in Sikkim Police as working on behalf of the SKM party rather than the public.

During the presser, he stressed on how the some police officials of the police department conspired against him and wanted to arrest him in the Simran Gurung fake Facebook profile case on June 04

He also alleged the ruling front run Sikkim Government for suppressing the fundamental rights of the citizens of the state. “Freedom of speech and expression are being suppressed” said Nawin Kiran while addressing the press conference.

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