SKM observed Prativa Diwas on the infamous anniversary of 2013 lathicharge

SKM observed Prativa Diwas on the infamous anniversary of 2013 lathicharge

Gangtok, February 11: On 11 February 2013, Sikkim Krantikari supporters were brutally beaten up and arrested by the Sikkim Police for no reasons during the inaugural function of their Party Head Office after the formation of the party.

The SKM party as named it as Kalo Din (Black Day). But in a swift reversal of events, the party won the 2019 general elections in Sikkim. This year, they observed Prativad Diwas to mark the anniversary of the infamous lathicharge.

It may be mentioned here that the then IGP, Akshay Sachdeva has given the order for the Lathi Charge, which the SKM party termed as illegal and undemocratic.

During the program held at party head office today, Minister Sanjit Kharel was present as the chief guest and had the special presence of MLA Aditya Golay. But most importantly, a large number of party workers, supporters and party leaders who were loyal to SKM since its formation were in attendance.

Kala Rai, the leader women of the SKM party and one of the victims of the lathicharge 2013 incident, highlighted the incident in details and said that SKM party has a huge heart to forgive anyone, which is why the party has forgiven and withdrawn the case laid against the Police Officer who gave the order for lathi charge.

She notified that they have withdrawn the case against Akshay Sachdeva and assured that they have nothing against the person who was responsible for the lathi charge. “The SKM party president has always advocated forgiveness, which is why we have withdrawn the case”.

“No one should have the feeling of taking revenge, instead everyone in the party should be forgiving in nature as SKM party is here to treat everyone equally and give justice to the people of Sikkim”, said Kala Rai, stressing on building a new party that treats all wrong with grace.

She adds, “The 11 February incident let us be more strong and work tirelessly for the party and now we are here today, every party workers have contributed towards the success of the SKM party to bring forward the party where it stands today”.

Many members believe that the incident did not bring down the SKM morale but actually boosted them into working more harder for the party, which has shown its results in the general election. Minister Sanjit Kharel stressed on the same.

Further, he said that during the 11 February 2013 incident he was with the SDF party but even then, along with other SDF party supporters, he criticized the incident.

Kharel adds, “The SKM party stands here today is just because of the selfless contribution given by the dedicated party workers and the SKM party values and respects each one of them.”

He assured that everyone will get justice under the good governance of the SKM Government and under the leadership of Party president and Chief Minister PS Golay.

The injuries and pain borne by the party workers are not gone in vain but it has paid off as the SKM party has become successful in winning the public mandate. Party workers who were brutally beaten up and arrested by the police were felicitated by offering khadas as a mark of respect to them.