Article by Palden Gyamtso Nangpa (

The Sikkimese of Sikkim never cease to amaze me with their laid – back and insouciant attitude . The country was smashed and grabbed in front of our very own eyes yet we were phlegmatic to the whole situation . Four decades have gone by and nothing yet has been learned by our Sikkimese . I often wonder and ask why! Our elders once made their mistakes but then, I do consider that they did not know any better but since then, I suppose we are in a better understanding and position to know more. Today, in the high court there was a case seeking the right for the Sikkimese as guaranteed in para b (i)(ii) and (iii) of Article 371-F, by Mr Vivek Basneet but most failed to come forth.

We are vested with self interest and can never think beyond ourselves. Where our basic rights are concerned and what is endangering our future and the generation next is concerned, we invariably take a back seat . The Sikkim Subject and COI issue too, most stayed within the safety of their four walls. The Gurudongmar case, in comparison is better with the highland people of Lachen being there in the court to show their solidarity. Today’s case was a pertinent one and apropos for all the Sikkimese involved but unfortunately there were hardly any to show their solidarity. The generation next, be assured shall curse us and indefinitely spit on our graves. Honestly, we need to wake up and show our unanimity to what a Sikkimese from within us has taken the initiative to safe guard our future .

We are always in the forefront for all the wrong reasons, with a twisted mindset and to achieve anything even by forsaking our pride and dignity . All the education and experiences we have had by virtue of our parents, is this all we are made up of ? Mark my words, the future of the people of Sikkim is heading towards a self created devastation. For heaven’s sake, the next date has been slated for the nineteenth. Please do spare the time to show your solidarity and to be made aware of the facts that have been protecting us Sikkimese till date and how it is being tampered with.

Well folks, I’m sorry for being outspoken and putting my thoughts into words that may not be easy to the ear but I couldn’t resist being vocal about what I saw in the court room, along with a few others who had come to show their concern. However, I hope you do have a splendid evening and give it a thought but lend your ear for a secure tomorrow.

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