Sikkimese lady gives birth on the road – alert samaritans and medical workers ensured healthy delivery


News of a baby boy being delivered at the link road of Nagi, Namthang South Sikkim on the afternoon of May 16th made headlines. An emergency situation emerged when a woman went into labour while the vehicular movement was at a standstill due to the falling boulders.

The Medical Officer from Namthang PHC was contacted by Prashant Babu, a social activist, the call that didn’t get through for a number of times, as the MO was busy performing another delivery. After a while, the MO was reached telephonically and then her along with her staff of nurses rushed towards the site.

“When I got to the patient, the baby was already delivered, luckily the after the procedure of delivering the placenta and cutting the umbilical cord was done by us, stabilizing the patient,” says Dr. Jhalka Subba, MO, Namthang PHC.

“Since the baby was already delivered we then took the mother who was stable for then, to the PHC which is a more sanitized and sterile location.”

The procedure was a success because of proactive Samaritans, and the health care workers who were unflinchingly alert in doing their jobs. After the baby was delivered both the mother and her son were brought to the PHC for a routine observation.

“The routine procedure is of a 48-hour observation, so the newborn is diagnosed to be healthy, devoid of any infections or diseases, both the mother and child were in healthy condition,” says Dr. Jhalka.

The mother was found to be in good health, but since the infant developed a fever, the medical experts at Namthang PHC decided to move the baby to District Hospital Namchi on the morning of May 18th. Both the infant and the mother are in stable conditions informs an employee at Namchi District Hospital. 

The odds were in favour of the patients, perhaps due to the alert nature of the fellow passengers, or the relentless calls to the PHC by the social activists, or the professional action of the medical staff, or perhaps it was because of the amalgamation of these all. However, the incident on the 45th State Day of Sikkim brought in a fortunate headline, of a baby being born on the road, when it could all have become something morbid. The incident brought about a good light of the Sikkimese, giving poetic sense to the day and highlighting the Sikkimese sentiment of helping our fellow citizens in need and working for the community without even batting an eye.

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