Sikkim to witness first ever mix martial arts fight night.

Sikkim to witness first ever mix martial arts fight night.

MMA is fast gaining mileage on the global platform. In July, UFC announced that it was being bought for $4 billion by WME-IMG, a leading sports and entertainment firm. In the same month, a news report quoted senior officials from ONE Championship, a Singapore-based MMA promotion platform, saying that an “eight-figure” US dollar sum would be injected into it by a consortium led by investment firm Heliconia Capital Management.  A hard-hitting combat sport, MMA involves striking and grappling—it doesn’t matter if the two competitors are standing or not—the opponent with a combination of techniques borrowed from other forms of martial arts. Wrestling, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay Thai, kick-boxing, taekwondo, karate, judo, etc, all form an important part of MMA, with different components having different philosophies.

In regard to it, Sikkim is about to witness the biggest Mix martial arts fight night at capital on April 17, 2021. With many big faces including WWE superstar Great khali, fitness model/ actor Sahil Khan to visit Sikkim as to witness the Fight night.

The event is being organised by Indian fight Night a firm owned by Bishal Chettri a local fitness model, the upward rise of the sport is believed to be a youth centric sport with many of youths indulging with the sport with passing day.

Bishal Chetrri briefing about the event stated “Indian fight night being organized for first time in India, and I am a founder member.  MMA Association of Sikkim, Alpha tribe MMA Institutions of Tadong are part of the organising committee.  This event will work as an platform for the young MMA aspirants and build skills. The event will also witness celebrities  like Great khali WWE superstar, Sahil khan fitness icon/ Actor and Badshah Singer/ songwriter.”

"the sport will also an step towards tourism if we look into that contrast, it is for sure that if one of the biggest fight night in asia is being organised in our small state surely people from all parts of country and elsewhere will pay their visit and while going back they will take an clear picture of the state which infact will prmote our state and its fame towards the visitors "

DP Dahal General Secretary, Indian Fight Night said “ I look this event as an opportunity for the entire state. MMA is of-course a great opportunity, hardly 10% of the Sikkimese people know about the sport, through this event we want to aware people that it is not only a part time sport but it can build carrier as other sports  for instance  football, cricket. “

“We are focusing especially youth so that, youth could explore this sport and make a carrier out of it. We have been the campaigning for IFN since 2 years now likewise for now we have more athletes from rural areas rather than urban population. They cannot offer to go for training therefore, Alpha tribe MMA fitness has open a centre in Tadong, first Gym for MMA.. We are very happy to say that in the history of Indian Sikkim is organizing MMA.” He added

Jiwan Subba, coordinator, IFN “This event  will work as an  motivation for  the youth to be part of  sport, following which it will also help young generation from getting rid of bad habits such as drinking, smoking and in other case using contraband substances in fact It will build both physical and mental strength of athlete.

 “We request everyone to come and we are here today because of the support from chief minister and higher authorities. The  event will be held on 17th April 5pm onwards, keeping into consideration the covid protocols “ appealed the organizers.