Sikkim puts restriction on interstate movement till April 15


In an effort to flatten the rising curve of COVID-19 infections, the Government of Sikkim has issued a notice ordering restriction on interstate vehicular movement and regulation for intrastate movement till the 15th of April. Except for emergency medical services, law enforcement authorities and supply of essential commodities (food grains, ration, medicines, milk, etc.), all else will be under lockdown starting from tomorrow.

A complete ban on inter-state movement of private vehicles, buses, taxis, two-wheelers through Rangpo check post comes into immediate effect. Even those crossing the check post on foot can do so only for emergency purposes. Those who must leave the state for any urgent reason must do so with proper permits issued by the concerned Block Development Officer or Sub-Divisional Magistrate. 

All intrastate movement of private vehicles, taxis and two-wheelers will be regulated using the odd and even method from the 23rd of March 2020 which is a Monday, where only odd-numbered vehicles would ply on that day and even-numbered ones on Tuesday and continue alternatively. 

India’s COVID-19 tally is currently at 360, with the numbers steadily rising. Even after the Prime Minister requested people to stay at home during today’s Janata Curfew, many people ventured outside. There is a restlessness within citizens to step out but it should be noted that cold and flu get contracted faster during periods of heavy rain due to fluctuations in temperature.

The COVID-19 is fatal if not treated in time but we can choose to prevent ourselves and other people getting infected by being as careful as possible. It is a health risk to step out and come into physical contact with others. Although staying at home for a long span of time may seem hard at first, online communities are opening up to help more people interact and even within neighbourhoods, many are finding creative ways to communicate with each other. 


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