By Yougan Tamang & Nitesh Pradhan

Sikkim is all set to send its new Lok Sabha member of parliament (MP). The 30 year old, Indra Hang Subba, who contested from the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) party won with a margin of  12433 against counterpart SDF candidate DB Katwal.Indra Hang Subba secured 166922 votes and D B Katwal secured 154489 votes.

Prior to joining SKM, he was a part of in football star, Bhaichung Bhutia’s Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP) as its west district President.

Before joing mainstream politics he was pursuing his Ph.D. in ‘Light — Atom Interaction’ from Sikkim Central University. After having studied in various schools of west Sikkim, he graduated in Physics from Calcutta University in 2011 and completed his Post Graduation in Physics from Sikkim Central University.

Born and brought up in Hee Kengbari, Hee Gaon, west Sikkim, almost 150 kilometers away from the capital Gangtok, Subba claims to understand the economic status and way of the rural life.

A firm believer of the rule of law, he says that freedom of every individual must be guaranteed and protected for the society and a nation to progress.

“As I grew older, I started becoming aware of the political, economic and social situations in Sikkim. I started to sense inconsistencies in the policies. In many cases, I even realized that the rule of law has been undermined by politicians and elected representatives just work to fulfill their selfish aim. I believe that politics has to be done with spirit of positive change. Sikkim politics lacks intellectualism. I have a firm belief that Sikkim politics can be transformed by following the basic rules of democratic opposition instead of personal hatred”, he expresses.

He feels that the economic capacity of those at the bottom of the pyramid needs improvement.

Before entering mainstream politics he also worked as an adhoc-based Mathematics teacher where during the period he says that he encountered flaws that lie in the service sector.

“Education system should be transformed to strengthen our human resources. Sikkim lacks human resources to run the administration. The infrastructure in the remote areas are pathetic. Worst of all, political patronage have ruined Sikkim’s administration. Entire administration will rejuvenate and become better if one instills competition and fairness instead of favoritism”, he strongly adds.

Further stressing that unemployment is a major issue, he says that he feels the youth have been under-employed and under-paid for their services.
“The energy and enthusiasm of my contemporaries were draining out due to carelessness of the policy makers, most of whom are politicians elected as representatives,” he tells.

“Unemployment is a major issue,” says Subba and adds that energy and enthusiasm of youth should be channelized in state building process instead of exploiting them.

“I decided to join politics neither because I hate anyone in the incumbent government nor did I ever think that I would make everything alright. But I am sure that I can make a difference. I am here with a purpose to serve those deprived of their rights, those less privileged than many of us. I dream of Sikkim becoming a better place not just for tourists but for our own people as well. I believe that transformation happens in a gradual manner. For this transformation to happen every generation should contribute in whatever way possible”, he says.

After a bitter rollercoaster campaign that ensued between two parties, Subba expressed to SC that he is relaxed and elated with the verdict of the Sikkimese people.

He has thanked the SKM Supremo, PS Golay, for having posed faith in him for his superlative win and all the citizens of Sikkim.


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