Sikkim celebrates ‘A Day for Mother Earth’ with 7 minutes of no transport

Sikkim celebrates ‘A Day for Mother Earth’ with 7 minutes of no transport

Gangtok, July 7: On the occasion of the annual ‘A Day for Mother Earth’ event launched in 2019 as a green initiative, Chief Minister P.S. Tamang wrote a letter to the Sikkimese public, published through his social media handle, requesting that the day be celebrated with the same zest and fervour as in the year before while keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last year, seven-minutes of no vehicular emission was observed, similarly this year, the Chief Minister has requested all the environment-friendly citizens of Sikkim, Government Departments/ Agencies, Taxi Drivers Association to pause plying of any vehicle (except emergency vehicles like Ambulance, Police, Fire Services, etc) for seven (7) minutes from 11 AM to 11.07 AM on this day (7th July) as our affirmative action towards ameliorating the deteriorating environmental effects and make it a success like a year before.

He also addressed the recent rise in wild animals like monkeys coming into homes and farmlands which can and has caused damages, to combat this he has said that the State Government will be raising seedlings and carrying out plantation of wild edible fruit tree species such as phunchey, bhadrashey, amphi, kattus, okhar and lapsi on a mission mode.

He has requested that the public while following social distancing norms, spare time into dedicating green good deeds in their homes and neighborhoods.

Since July 7, also coincides as the closing day of Van Mahotsav Week- July 1- July 7, the public should clean and beautify their neighbourhoods, plant native saplings, resort to eco-friendly lifestyles and create low carbon footprints, as it is the duty and responsibility of every citizen to be aware and conscious regarding the environmental issues and where to put green ideas into actions, Tamang stated in his letter.

He has appealed to all to resort to reduce, re-use and re-cycle practices and manage the natural resources efficiently while making it a habit and way of life in the beautiful mountain state of Sikkim, which he says “is the need of the hour to safeguard future generation or posterity”.

The initiative was seen in the southern district of the state-Namchi, which was supported by South Traffic, Police Department along with drivers and public at large, with the occasion being celebrated with a halt of seven minutes on various vehicular movement from 11 AM to 11:07 AM.