SDF & SKM candidates fake list circulates


The Election Commission of India announced the seven phase election 2019 dates for different states of the country on March 10, keeping the Loksabha and Assembly election of Sikkim on April 11. Since, then the prime talk of the state of Sikkim has been the candidature list of different political parties of Sikkim.

While people are claiming their probable and possible candidates, with expectations and speculations on various social platforms likewise rumours and fake candidature lists are also no less in circulation on various social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

The most circulating ones are the candidature list of the two political parties Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) and Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) which later was confirmed to be fake but making many people believe on it.

Sikkim Chronicle contacted the representatives of both the political parties fo confirm its authenticity which they outrightly rejected and called it fake. As social media is believed to play a vital role in the politics of India and not leaving Sikkim in anyways, the social media and its use also raises a serious question and concern. The way fake news and rumours are being circulated and endorsed by some without verifying it, is raising a serious question on how the social media is used in the state.

With instance as such, it cannot be denied that social media may have been termed as power for the citizens to know the facts around but equally also being used as a biggest tool to spread false and fake news as the ‘SDF & SKM Candidate List, .

Social media and digital platforms should be used responsibly and the news and information should be verified before being endorsed and circulated.


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