SAATHI awareness program on drug addiction


Gangtok, March 13: Sikkim Against Addiction Towards Healthy India (SAATHI), a project under the Chief Minister’s Youth Empowerment and self-reliant mission, organized an awareness program at Nar Bahadur Bhandari Government college, Tadong here today. The program had the participation of 176 students.

The program commenced with a welcome address by the President of SAATHI Mr.Tempo Bhutia welcoming the participants to the huge SAATHI movement.

Thereafter, Dr. Satyadeep Singh Chhettri, Board Member SAATHI gave the introduction of SAATHI to the participants about the aims and objectives of SAATHI, the future steps of SAATHI in the college level and highlighting the reality of people getting involved to substance abuse, by following the footsteps of elder one, because of boredom and out of curiosity. He welcomed the interested students to join hands with SAATHI to fight against the substance addiction in Sikkim.

Dr. BibhushanDahal, Psychiatric Dept. STNM Hospital explained the participants on the medical aspect of substance abuse. About the history of substance abuse and stressed his topic on how to find out if anyone is into substance addiction or other addictive behavior disorder, causes of these addiction, how harmful it is to our body, how it hampers your daily life and how to get out of this addiction.He encouraged the participants to resist the addiction and abuse of substances and to stay away from those group who use substance. He also added, “Substance addiction is the major problem in society, everyone should get involved to bring down this disease”.

The program was taken ahead by Mr. K.C. Nima from Freedom Facility with discussion on cases related to substance abuse, he started with his own experience of how he himself was addicted to substances, the problems he went through and how he overcome it and now taking care of a rehabilitation center. Then he briefed the different cases that comes to the rehab center supporting the different harmful effects of substance addiction. He motivated the participants by saying, “save lives, to save a life you need not be a doctor”, he also pointed out that drug addiction and alcoholism is a disease and it can be cured as it has also been enacted in the Mental Health Act 2017. According to Mr. Nima, the family, society wants to hide this problem of substance addiction but it should be bought out to light as substance addiction is a disease, these people are sick and they need to be bought to the professionals to be cured. He demonstrated the steps to help a person who is overdosed, explained the steps to help a person and save life.

Mrs. Bina Pradhan, Principal of Nar Bahadur Bhandari Government College, addressed the participants to come forward join hands with SAATHI and help to bring down the disease of substance addiction. She said, “When you are saving a person’s life you are saving a community, then a state and a nation as a whole”.

The program ended with a vote of thanks from SAATHI team.


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