Prem Singh Golay turns 53 today: Know some interesting facts

Prem Singh Tamang the 6th Chief minister of Sikkim turns 53 today

Prem Singh Golay turns 53 today: Know some interesting facts

1. Prem Singh Tamang turns 53 today.

2.Prem Singh Tamang popularly known as P S Golay is the leader and founder of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM).

3.Prior to forming SKM, Tamang was a key member of the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) Party formed in the year 1994.

4.Tamang was born on 5 February 1968, to parents Kalu Singh Tamang and Dhan Maya Tamang. He obtained his fundamental schooling from Soreng Senior Secondary School, West Sikkim. He completed his degree in Bachelors of Arts from Darjeeling Government College.

5. After graduation, Tamang also worked in a state-run school in Sikkim from 1990 till 1993.

6.In 1993 Prem Singh Tamang resigned from his government service and got fully involved in political activities of SDF. Very soon he was made Vice President of the youth wing.

7.Tamang also served as the Minister in the Government of Sikkim for consecutive three terms, from 1994 to 1999 as the Minister for Animal Husbandry, Ecclesiastical and Industry Department; 1999 to 2004 as the Minister for Industries and Animal Husbandry; and 2004 to 2009 as the Minister for Building and Housing Department.

8. In 2009 after winning election in the Burtuk constituency from SDF Party, he was nominated as Chairperson of Commerce and Industries Department. However, he did not serve as Chairperson and later resigned from the post on 22 March, 2011.

9.Tamang became a dissident MLA of the SDF party after the Rolu Picnic event that was conducted on 21 December 2009.

10. Tamang formed the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) party on 4th February 2013 in Soreng West Sikkim.

11. On September, 6 2014 he officially resigned from all SDF party duties and became the president of the SKM party on October 6 at a programme at Paljor Stadium that was attended by around
20,000 people.

12. Tamang who was with the SDF since it was formed in 1993, resigned from the party in September 2013 alleging nepotism and lack of proper leadership.

13.Tamang contested the 2014 Assembly polls from two constituencies – Namthang Rateypani in South Sikkim and Upper Burtuk. He lost Namthang Rateypani but won the Upper Burtuk seat.

14. During the election of 2014, the party gained ten of thirty-two seats in the Sikkim State Legislative Assembly. Overall, in the 2014 election, Tamang’s party shared 42% of total votes in Sikkim. Later, however 7 SKM MLAs joined SDF Party.

15. On January 13 2017, he was disqualified from the Sikkim Legislative Assembly after being convicted on December 28, 2016 for misappropriating government funds while with the SDF between 1994 and 1999.

16. A lower court sentenced Tamang to one year in prison with a fine of Rs 10,000. Later, which was upheld by Sikkim High Court in June 2017.

17. After a year of conviction, Tamang gets release from Rongyek jail near Gangtok on 10 August 2018.

18. Tamang led the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha to victory in 2019 assembly elections winning 17 out of 32 seats in the legislative assembly which eventually ended the 24-year rule of the Pawan Kumar Chamling led Sikkim Democratic Front.

19. On 27 May 2019, Tamang (non-elected), was sworn-in the 6th Chief Minister of the state of Sikkim under the constitutional provision for 6 months period.

20. In bypoll held in October 2019, Tamang won from Poklok-Kamrang with 10,811 votes, securing 84% of the total vote share.

21. Sikkim Governor Ganga Prasad on November 30, 2019 re-appointed Prem Singh Tamang, the leader of the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) Party, as the chief minister of Sikkim in an oath taking ceremony at Sikkim house, New Delhi.

22. Prem Singh Tamang Shares his Birthday with Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr 

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