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Gangtok, March 24:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his second broadcast on Tuesday, announced that the entire nation would go into complete lockdown for 21 days from 25 March. In his broadcast, the PM thanked the entire nation for making the Janta Curfew on 22 March an overwhelming success in India and that united, we could fight together.

He continued that through the media, people know how the top democracies in the world are having difficulty fighting the coronavirus, that the world’s top nations are helpless and all their efforts to combat the COVID-19 are failing and through expert research, it had been found that for India to survive this fight the only way is to practise complete social distancing.

He said many people are under the misconception that social distancing is to be practised only with patients infected with this virus but in reality, social distancing and self- quarantine is supposed to be practised from everyone outside of their homes. This is for the safety of people, their families and for the country he clarified.  “But if this carelessness of a few were to continue, India will also have to pay an unimaginably heavy price”.

He mentioned that many states and districts in the country have already been in a lockdown for the past two days and that the State Governments in the country have released warnings and precautionary measures for quite some time already.

The PM said that taking extensive research and expert opinion into consideration, the Government of India had taken the decision to put the entire nation into a complete lockdown immediately from 25 March 12:00 A.M. All states, villages, districts, societies and colonies are to take this decision seriously and that this lockdown is to be a lot stricter than the Janta Curfew. This step the Prime Minister said, is absolutely essential to save lives in India.

Source: Ministry of Home Affairs

Source: Ministry of Home Affairs

Source: Ministry of Home Affairs

During last week’s broadcast, he had asked the Indian public to give him a few weeks and now he has asked the public to stay in lockdown for the aforementioned three weeks. These three weeks he says are the minimum time it will take to improve the situation in the country, and that if within these three weeks the situation doesn’t get better than these 21 days of lockdown will cost India 21 years.

A coronavirus infected person looks healthy in the beginning and one wouldn’t be able to identify an infected patient, keeping this in mind every person has to be on a strict self-quarantine at home and that since symptoms also show only after a few days, an infected person could be infecting others intentionally and unintentionally he added.

The Prime Minister also released a poster that he found on social media on the advisory to combat corona which says:

Co: Koi
Ro: road par
Na: na aye

A simple and straightforward solution for everyone to follow in order to combat the virus he says adding that according to the WHO an infected person could infect up to a 100 people and since the spread of this virus is so fast, the only deadly solution or vaccine at the moment is to practise self-quarantine completely.

He also said that in the initial days only 1 lakh cases were reported in the first 67 days of this virus worldwide but following 11 days the number of cases worldwide had reached 2 lakh cases and then 3 lakhs in the next 3 days which shows how fast this virus can spread and since this rapid spread of infection is almost impossible to contain.

India should take lessons from France, Germany, Italy, China and Iran he said and that the only hope of the country is to not make the same mistakes giving this quote-” Ghar se bahar nahi nikalna, chahe jo ho jaye, ghar mein he rehna hai (do not step out of the house, no matter what happens, stay indoors). Also mentioning that this is the time to stay calm, practise patience and discipline and to pray for the healthcare workers- from doctors, nurses, paramedics, pathologists, ward boys and safai karamcharis and thank healthcare workers for risking their lives to save ours, private labs and private hospitals who came to assist the Government at this time, to thank media personnel for updating the nation with information and thank the police for protecting our lives and sometimes also facing the wrath of the public.

The Centre and State Governments he said are doing their best to not inconvenience the general public and at the same time searching for solutions, the industry manufacturing essential items at this time are also working very hard. The people most at risk he says are the poor and that the Government and the citizens are helping in all the ways they can.

Quoting “Jaan hai toh, jagan hai” the Prime Minister announced that the Centre Government had allocated Rs. 15,000 crores to upgrade medical facilities amid this coronavirus pandemic. This money will also go into ordering more isolation wards, beds, protective gear and ventilators. The Centre Government he announced will also have more medical and paramedical manpower training organized and that for the welfare of everyone healthcare in India should be the top priority at the time.

Ending his broadcast by saying that at times like these rumours catch on quickly and spread like wildfire, therefore, people should eradicate false rumours and superstition especially at this time. He also requested everyone to not self- medicate and to follow the doctor’s prescription strictly.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister requested the public with folded hands to follow Government issued guidelines and precautionary measures religiously and to protect oneself, their families and the country through strict social distancing. He believes every Indian will fight this battle against the coronavirus and that the country will emerge victorious. Thanking every citizen in India the Prime Minister ended his 30-minute long broadcast.

As compared to the broadcast on 20 March, Tuesday’s broadcast didn’t have any mention of an economic crisis. In the former broadcast, the Prime Minister emphasized on practising social distancing if possible but on Tuesday’s broadcast he kept repeating that the only solution or hope to survive this global pandemic is to completely practise social distancing. While on 20 March’s broadcast the Prime Minister had announced a Janta Curfew for 22 March, on Tuesday he announced complete nationwide lockdown effective immediately. This nationwide lockdown is the first of its kind in almost 72 years, even though India has been through wars this 21 day long complete lockdown will be the first in Indian history, also making it the world’s biggest lockdown owing to India’s 1.3 billion population.

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