Gangtok, June 17: On June 16, advocate Nawin Kiran, informed that the petition he had filed against the web-series ‘Pataal Lok’ with other petitioners, Arun Limboo and Prakash Gurung has been granted by a lower court of Gangtok ordering registration of the FIR. The petition was filed against the makers and the production house owned by actress Anushka Sharma for using a derogatory term against the Nepali-speaking community.

Kiran’s petition is not the only one that has been filed against the makers of this show; multiple organizations and associations have also done the same. Kiran, along with Limboo and Gurung had earlier lodged a complaint at Sadar Police Station, Gangtok against the actors, producers and directors but only a General Diary was lodged then and thus the petition was taken to court as the police didn’t take the matter seriously, according to Kiran. 

The lower court has understood that the matter needs an investigation to access whether the offences alleged by the petitioners are discernible, hence the Station House Officer (SHO) has been advised to register the FIR so that the matter may be further investigated to decide whether the use of the terms causes ill feelings between the different groups on grounds of race and religion and whether this case disrupts communal harmony.

Kiran on this new update says that the ‘sexist slur’ used in the series is offensive against the Nepali-speaking community. “We highly condemn this issue and our minds were made up that we would fight against the makers and producers of the show for the offensive term used in the series,” says Kiran.

Nawin Kiran has deemed this a victory for all Nepali-speaking people and says that this further shows that no one has the right to demean others based on their language and community; that there should be morality and discipline and ‘Pataal Lok’ clearly violated it. Kiran hopes that with the help of the law and after a serious investigation is conducted, the State Police will register an FIR under CrPc, causing Anushka Sharma, the makers and the team to be served with a notice and be brought to Sadar Police Station.

Adding that had the matter be taken seriously by the State from the on-set, it would have been better, but the trio is hopeful that the State government and Sikkim police will now take the matter up seriously. 

Petitioner Arun Limboo on the progress of their petition says, “The racial slur which lumped the Nepali speaking people is unacceptable. The slur that has been used to describe a Nepali-speaking character is just wrong, if we don’t speak up now, we may be called worse in the future. Simply apologizing and editing out the scene is now enough; they should be held accountable and more stringent action should be taken against the makers.”

Appealing to the authorities to follow-up on the case more seriously is Petitioner Prakash Gurung, who agrees that the racial slur is hurtful and the petition was put forward keeping the welfare of the entire Nepali-speaking community in mind.

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