One Person, One Vote and One Treatment: A voice resonating within the people working in private sectors of Sikkim today.
The newly formed government in Sikkim under the banner of Kranti, change and parivartan carries with it a huge amount of hope and aspirations of the people for a positive change in Sikkim, not only for a small group of people or a community but for the collective welfare and upliftment of the entire state of Sikkim and its citizens irrespective of caste, community or any such divisions. One of the first steps of the newly formed government has been declaring all Saturdays as holiday for government employees in Sikkim. The circular reads “In order to provide “care” and “cure” to the government employees the governor of Sikkim is pleased to declare all Saturdays as holiday in all govt. offices”. Though I whole heartedly support this initiative by the govt. and their concern for the welfare of their employees. It has also brought about a deep sense of deprivation within me and hope it resonates with many citizens of Sikkim employed under private institutions. Hence, I would like to appeal to the government of Sikkim to implement this rule for the private institutions as well. We may not be directly employed by the government but we are equally the citizens of Sikkim and have equally participated in the state building process side by side and hand in hand along with the employees of govt. of Sikkim. We have together rallied for change and have the same aspirations for the collective parivartan of the people of Sikkim and the state. When Sikkim has always been in the news for taking pioneering steps in many fields, like plastic ban, organic Sikkim and many more why can’t Sikkim be the first state to implement laws that brings equality among workers of both private and public sectors by bringing common labor laws and working rules in both sectors. Everyone today seems to be looking for govt. jobs making it more difficult for the govt. to accomodate all. The very reason for the craze of govt. jobs in India is well known to everyone. This initiative could bring a balance in the society, increase quality of work in every sector with a balanced professional and personal life for each individual in Sikkim and create a just and equal social space for all. It could put Sikkim in the list of pioneers in yet one more category and this step would be remembered as one of the biggest achievements of the present govt. in history. An act that will be discussed by the world for decades. Our state could be a model of development in terms of human development index.

This view have been contested by some saying private and public institutions cannot be governed by similar laws and private institutions are run with a motive for profit. However I would like to put out some facts which may clear all doubts regarding the possibility of its implementation in private sectors. There are many private institutions such as TCS, Wipro, Infosys, IBM, HCL etc. which already follow five days a week work culture and have been successful in their business and leading the world in terms of sustained economic growth. There are many researches on benefits of five days a week work culture. With a view of keeping it brief , I would request people to go through articles and researches on this to clear their doubts and queries about its possibility and benefits.

I would finally like to end by saying, We, the employees of private sectors too are an integral part of this state of Sikkim and we are equally entitled to the “CARE” and “CURE” of our govt. We hope and aspire for an equal treatment by our govt. and believe our govt. would not deprive us of our right to equal treatment.
“A thought for a change: Parivartan”

By Roshan Pradhan, Author can be reached at


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