Mangan, May 31 (IPR) : On receipt of the information regarding Yak deaths in Muguthang Valley and adjoining area of North Sikkim from the Animal husbandry department, Government of Sikkim, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) – National Research Centre on Yak (NRCY) has promptly reacted upon the tragic incident by sending their scientist to the North Sikkim to ascertain the ground report.

As a result, Dr. Peter Chakravarty, Director, ICAR, National Research Centre (NRC) on Yak, Dr. Rafirul Islam, Principal Scientist, ICAR-NOFRI (National Organic Farming Research Institute), Dr. Dinamani Medhi, Senior Scientist, ICAR-NRC on Yak, Dr. Junwar Doley, Scientist, ICAR, NRC on Yak has reached to Mangan on 30.05.2019 to provide relief materials as to raise morale of affected Yak farmers.

The ICAR-NRCY under the Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) programme has provided 100 bags of Yak feed, 50 bags of common salt, 20 manual chaff cutter, manual cream separator and basic veterinary medicines. The basic veterinary medicines include de-worming tablets, skin ointment, anti-septic cream, anti-diarrhea and mite ointment for yaks.

The distribution programme took place at Animal Husbandry Office, Mangan. Wherein sixteen Yak herders of Lachung, twenty-two from Lachen, Nine from Dongkong and ten from Muguthang received the relief items.

Speaking at the programme, Dr. Chakraborty expressed his soreness over the massive death of Yaks and opined this loss is not a personal but a national loss.

The National Research Centre on Yaks situated at Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh, has full support for conservation of yaks and social conditions of yak herders in Sikkim as yaks are endanger species, he added

He suggested the Yak farmers and officials Department to organize an Annual Yak Festival showcasing various yak’s events in collaboration with State Government, which would be a unique way in raising the morale of the herders. Further, he assured to extend support from ICAR-NRCY.

He informed everyone that the recent decrease in Yak population is alarming. A death of yaks due to natural calamities is out of control human kind. The NRC is willing to do everything it can to maintain Yak population by providing tents, feed, silage bag and fodder to the herders. Further he assured to supplement continued support from ICAR-NRCY for Yak herders in near future.

The silage bag can preserve yak feed for a long time and Dr. Chakravarty stressed on bringing this method to north regions of Sikkim in case of a harsh winter this year.

He also talked about raising production of Yak leading to entrepreneurship opportunities for youths in North Sikkim due to high demand in Yak products.

Dr. Chakravarty thanked everyone present in the meeting and urged everyone to take the challenge together in Yak conservation and production.

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