NESO holds 7th Games and Sports Meet 2019 in Punjab


Sports has always been given importance in any institution, right from the beginning of a person’s education. It serves to make people well-rounded individuals and learn one of the most important skills needed in later life, teamwork. To rely not only on individual talent but utilize each team member’s unique skillset and polish it to perfection. 

The 7th edition of the annual Games and Sports meet 2019 was hosted by the North East Students’ Organization Jalandhar (NESOJ) to facilitate good relationships and mutual understanding between students who reside and study in Jalandhar, Punjab. The two-month event was co-sponsored by North Eastern companies – Metsuben Wedding Planner from Dimapur and Tsukhru Design from Kohima, along with Club Twenty, Lovely Professional University. The main sponsor was Pilot Sports, Jalandhar.

Young people from all eight NE states participated, with Abotani SC from Arunachal Pradesh being awarded the ‘Overall Champions’ award. Lalrozama Ralte from Mizoram won Best Male Athlete and Tovikali K Chophy from Nagaland won Best Female Athlete. 

The following are the winners: 

Male Football Champion – Abonati SC, Arunachal Pradesh
Male Cricket Champion – Sangai, Manipur
Male Volleyball Champion – Hornbill, Nagaland
Male Basketball Champion – Lushai, Mizoram
Female Handball Champion – Sangai, Manipur
Female Volleyball Champion – Lushai, Mizoram

Soso Shaiza, member for National Commission for Women attended the closing ceremony, where prizes were distributed to the winners of sports events conducted in the event period. She congratulated the NESOJ founders for smoothly organizing and managing the event with other clubs and unions while giving a great platform for NE students to showcase their athletic abilities. 

Events that bring together NE students and youth from the local community outside of the eight states is imperative to combating issues of racism and regressive approach to the lesser-known communities and cultures. They not only display the competitive and physical side of the students on a level playing field but the social circles that they build after meeting new people break down barriers and builds a strong system of communication between people who are going to be the pillars of tomorrow’s era. 

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