Need for the government to reboot its approach towards drug menace


Today, everywhere we come to here that youth Sikkim, to big extent, are engaged in drugs and other abusive substances. Everyone keeps appealing the youth to get engaged in sports, music and other productive activities, so that they may not get time to indulge in unwanted activities.

Drugs, indeed has damaged our youth and as a result we can witness every day their degrading behavioural pattern towards their parents, teachers, friends and elders who advice them to take the right track.

Where things are going wrong? It is high time for everyone to think about it seriously instead of just blaming the victims. If this continues, then that day isn’t far when the government will be compelled to take serious action like that of Philippines government, where the drug peddlers and consumers, both are been shot at sight.

Few days earlier I was going through the medal tally of 1st North- East Olympics 2018 held at Manipur. It was a proud moment to see that Avinash Pradhan bagged gold medal for our state. However, sadly it was the only gold medal we could achieve. Sikkim, despite of conducive environment was listed second last in the medal tally among the 8 north eastern states, while Manipur on the other hand, despite of insurgency and continued disturbance secured 1st rank with 19 gold, 13 silver and 15 bronze. Hence, this shows less engagement of youth in productive activities in our state, as a result of which the unproductive lifestyle becoming prominent.

District headquarters are still aloof of infrastructural development, be it sports, music or any other co-curricular, as a result which we can witness that youth have very limited areas to explore their talent. Most of them don’t have the courage to face the adversities an convert them into opportunity for their better life. Instead, they take the support of drugs and finally give up to life.

A suggestion:
As we all know that schools shall remain open till last of Dec now onwards, it’s would be a great initiative if proper plans are initiated by the government to solve the present issue. For whole of the year the academics provide individual development, but the last month will prove to be a game changer. The policy makers should make optimum utilization of this one month and come forward with some master policies for schools, so that every student gets the opportunity to prove him or herself in extra-curricular activities. One big platform for such activities under one umbrella needs to be organised by the government with good financial support and further convergence with the central government schemes like
a. “Revamped KHELO INDIA Program” Budget for 17-18, 19-20 (where 1,000 most talented young athletes each year and annual financial assistance of Rs.5 Lakhs/annum for 8 years is given in various levels)
b. “National Sports Talent Search Portal” (An application in smart phone where a child, his parents, coach or teachers can upload their bio-data or video on the portal)
c. “JIGYASA” Scheme (Students-Scientist connect program)
d. “SAMEEP Program” Students & Ministry of External Affairs Engagement Program (where external affairs employees will go to schools and colleges to aware about foreign diplomacy)

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