Mukti Recovery Group aiding recovering alcoholics and addicts

Mukti Recovery Group aiding recovering alcoholics and addicts

Mukti Recovery Group (MRG), an organization based in Geyzing, West Sikkim with 8 members who are all recovering alcoholics and addicts, have started an initiative of offering doorstep aid to people suffering from withdrawal symptoms during the lockdown in and around Geyzing.

Due to the 21 day lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra  Modi on 24 March, all liquor stores are closed across the state, which was also implemented by the State Excise Department against the sale of illegal supply of alcohol, with police managing statewide search and sensitization.

Withdrawal syndrome, also known as discontinuation syndrome, occurs in individuals who have developed physiological dependence on drugs or alcohol when discontinuing or reducing their use of it. According to the World Health Organization, alcohol withdrawal syndrome is characterized by tremor, sweating, anxiety, agitation, depression, nausea, and malaise. It occurs 6-48 hours after cessation of alcohol consumption and, when uncomplicated, abates after 2-5 days. It may become complicated by grand mal seizures and may progress to delirium (known as delirium tremens). Mild symptoms which typically occur after 6 hours include:

  • Anxiety
  • Shaky hands
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating

More serious problems which occur after about 12 to 24 hours range from hallucinations where you can see, feel, or hear things that aren’t there. This is not the same as delirium tremors which usually start after 48 to 72 hours. These are severe symptoms that include vivid hallucinations and delusions. Only about 5% of people with alcohol withdrawal have them. Those that do may also have:

  • Confusion
  • Racing heart
  • High blood pressure
  • Fever
  • Heavy sweating

Talking to Sikkim Chronicle, MRG member Sameer Tiwari an ex-serviceman informed us that this initiative was started from Friday, 3rd April and that they would be offering medical assistance, transportation services and counselling to those suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Tiwari informed that the organization would be bearing the cost of the transportation services to the hospital since the organization aren’t healthcare workers and can only provide immediate first aid and counselling and only the doctor will be able to better assess the situation and prescribe the correct treatment.

“We have discussed this with the state authorities who have given us permission to provide assistance when we receive a call from the person suffering or from their family member. As of yet, we have not received any calls. We will also be providing counselling even though none of the members are healthcare professionals, we feel we will able to relate to the person suffering from the symptoms since we are all recovering alcoholics and addicts. Ranging from the severity of the symptoms we will be able to get the correct medical help for the person suffering.” said Tiwari. Adding that as of yet the organization do not have any plans of parted erring up with other rehabilitation centres to cover a wider area in Sikkim and that right now it is an 8 man organization. 

Any person or family member can reach out to MRG members for help in these numbers: 7076084190, 9593780276 and 8145009505.