Mitho steps up to put daily lives at ease during COVID-19 chaos

Mitho steps up to put daily lives at ease during COVID-19 chaos

Gangtok, 28 March: While the COVID-19 pandemic hits the world, we are locked in our homes waiting for a cure. Much before the nationwide lockdown on 24 March, there have been reports of people hoarding essential items in fear, in case we needed to remain indoors for a longer period and with a silent doubt about whether our government(s) can provide these items when the real shortage happens. 

While many may be hoarding thoughtlessly, causing inconvenience for others, there are other people who are thoughtfully working for the convenience of all at such a time of crisis. 

Image Courtesy: Mitho

One such is a Gangtok based startup, Mitho, a home delivery service. In the wake of the stocking-up pandemonium following the nationwide lockdown imposed upon the citizens, Mitho has decided to cater to the needs of the people. This may bring some ease to the daily lives of the people who have been panicking about not being able to go out to shop for essential household items. Instead of shutting down its operations, the team at Mitho has decided to use their available resources and manpower to be of service to the public in this hour of crisis. 

“We are partnering with local kirana stores, vegetable/fruit vendors, medical stores and others to ease the difficulties being faced by the public in accessing essentials during this lockdown,” tells Kushan Zulca, the founder of Mitho, while speaking to Sikkim Chronicle. 

By doing this, he believes that they (Mitho) can also help the government in implementing social distancing and lockdown. Necessary permission to operate has been granted by the state administration. The delivery services will start Monday (30, March) onwards and a total of 20 delivery bikes have been deployed for the same. They will be delivering medicines, essentials and vegetables from Ranipool to Burtuk Helipad from 9 AM to 8 PM.

Image Courtesy: Mitho

“Our office staff is currently working from home and we currently have received permissions to deploy 20 delivery bikes. We will be applying for more permissions if required, to make sure everyone needing the essential service gets it. Due to the current limited resources and manpower, we will be focusing on essentials only and will not be delivering food,” informs Kushan. 

When asked about the safety of its employees he acquaints, “At Mitho, the safety of our delivery agents and our customers is of utmost importance. To this effect, we have implemented a slew of precautionary measures. Starting today we are conducting safety training and trial deliveries for medicines.”

The staff has been provided masks, gloves and sanitisers that are to be used after every delivery. 

Meanwhile, the customers are also being encouraged to pay online through Mitho’s Android and iOS apps and opt-in for ‘contactless delivery’ to minimize any potential risk. Customers can also use GPay or Paytm to make the payment. 

“Minimal delivery charges will be levied according to the size of order and distance of delivery. This will be worked out with the customer individually before accepting the order. The entire delivery charge is being given to our delivery partners for their service, the fuel, and bike maintenance,” Kushan adds and urges everyone to stay safe at home and order for essentials.

He has thanked the DC (East), SDM (East) and Sikkim Police for permitting them to operate.  

Mitho was founded on October 2017 and was initially a food-delivery service. It now has over 25,000 registered customers in Gangtok. One can place their orders for essential items through the Mitho iOS and Andriod apps, the Mitho website, WhatsApp or by calling at 7479018181, 7479018182 or 7479018183.