DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY is a word that was a taboo to talk about until 5 years ago, it was very rare to even tell friends and families that we are suffering – mentally . But now we hear most of us sharing experiences of going through a phase where we were depressed. So when did people start getting depressed when sad and getting panic attacks and anxiety attacks when worried?

Depression and Anxiety is a very very common problem among the youth today, 4 out of 5 individuals suffer from mild to an advanced level of depression or anxiety. Is it the life style, social media or the celebrities that have generalized mental health issues too much that it has become a fad, a thing that everyone has to have to become relevant and to fit in. Though I believe that depression and anxiety is an illness like any other but have we become devised to follow patterns and trends so much that we have started to make mental illnesses a vogue?

In this age of social media where people are constantly collating themselves and their lifestyles with others even after knowing that everything that is out there is not true, all the things that we see are only the things that are shown to us, yet believing the lie which is far from the truth leads us to strive to appear to be perfect like how we see in screens, the perfect hair, makeup, and bodies which are tuned and twisted so much that the people that we look up to do not even look like real people.
The word “Social Validation” plays a great role in defining who we are today, what are we interested in and what we choose become. It gives us the feeling of being famous and loved. When we put it out there for people to see what we are doing and what we want to do and don’t feel validated enough, we lose motivation, why? Because we want to please everybody else except ourselves and let the number of followers and likes decide how we feel about ourselves.

It is not a lot of physical hard work to fix this thing but takes a lot of courage and mental strength to strengthen things that are already almost too far gone. Social media is an addiction and social validation is the drug. NOBODY can be as perfect in real life as we see them in front of the cameras. We have to realize that making every effort to be and look like people that we see as influencers, models and celebrities will only lead us to be more mentally unhappy and miserable. As cliché as it sounds we should love the way we are, the back ground that we come from and the way our body looks. That unnatural hour glass figure and V- shaped bodies is not doing us any good unless you like working out for YOURSELF and not JUST for your followers. YOU ARE IMPORTANT; your physical as well as your mental health is important, don’t let others control how you feel.
BUT I am NOT saying mental health issues don’t exist. It does and is very much a part of our lives as much as cold and flu is, can happen to anyone and due to various factors. If YOU feel that you are going through any type of mental issue you Should get help and talk to your friends, family and with people that you trust. You are important and deserve to live a life where you are not trapped with others’ expectation of you and a life where you decide what you love and what you want.

By Shivani Baraily

Shivani Baraily is a student of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore pursuing her Bachelors in Journalism. She can be reached via her email

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