Younger generation of Sikkim has the potential to excel and I have seen it growing over the years. I look forward to working hand-in-hand with the students. Along with academics, I will also work for their skill development which will be useful for them to get placed in east asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, Japan and others.” said Lt Gen D B Shekatkar (retd), who has been appointed as the chancellor of Sikkim Central University by the government of India for a period of five years. Ever since his appointment, he has been interacting with prominent persons in the field to prepare himself for the responsible post. He would be taking charge soon.

On the new role, Shekatkar said, “I was surprised and at the same time, felt the responsibility on my shoulders. Though I never applied for any post in the government, I have been given this responsibility which shows that the government is keeping a close watch on people. The government system is improving and functioning actively, so I am confident that our country is in the mode of transition.”

Shekatkar said that in his army service of 40 years, he has served in north eastern India and Jammu and Kashmir for atleast 22 years. “I am well aware about the culture, traditions and customs prevalent in this part of the country. I have negotiated with China for 10 years on behalf of the government of India on border dispute.”

Shekatkar said that new international universities and schools are coming up in Sikkim.


Shekatkar, 75, is the president of non-governmental organisation – Forum for Integrated national security – which works on security related issues in the world

He has completed two doctorates – one in management science and another in defence and strategic studies.

Currently he is doing another doctorate in social media and defence.

He has co-authoried 16 books till now and one of which was published in the USA

His message to youth

1. Have faith in yourself

2. Faith in the education system

3. Faith in your colleagues

4. Faith in the institution you are working

5. Faith in the nation

Published on Mar 27, 2019 15:12 IST in Hindustan Times


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