Lepcha Shrine: Design & Composition finalised


The final workshop/consultation to finalize the composition and design of the first Lepcha shrine/altar was held at the premises of Statue of Unity, MG Marg, Gangtok called by the Pang Lhabsol celebration committee on May 5.

The event was Presided by T Lachungpa, President PLCCand the following renowned Bongthingswere present as the main Resource Persons:

  • Ren PT Simick, Vice-Chairman &incharge of literature n culture Division of MayelLyang Lepcha Development Board,Kalimpong(MLLDB),west Bengal.
  • Ren SangayLepcha(LabiSangay), from labi North Sikki
  • Ren O.T Naamchumoo from kalimpong,west Bengal
  • Ren Dup Tshering, Thathangchen,East Sikkim.
  • Ren NimTsheringLepcha ,Nandok,East Sikkim
  • Ren DukdaLepcha,ReyMindu, East Sikkim.
  • Ren TempaLepcha,Namchi (Tendongflo) Bongthing cum President ,south District Sikkim Lepcha Association

Senior resource Persons:

  • Ren Namgyal Lepcha, Passingdang, Dzongu,North Sikkim
  • 2.Ren Phurden Lepcha, Curator, Culture Department,Govt of Sikkim
  • 3. Ren NT Lepcha, President,RMRT(Sikkim Lepcha Association
  • 4.Ren PaldenLepcha,Vice- President, INDIGENOUS LEPCHA TRIBAL ASSOCIATION(ILTA) Kalimpong, West Bengal
  • Ren TsheringGyatso Lepcha,Lum ,Lower Dzongu,North Sikkim.
  • Ren Karma Yongda, President ,RMRT(Sikkim Lepcha Association) west District.


  • Pushpa Choden Lepcha; Assistant lecturer NBBD College, Lepcha Department.
  • Ongdup Lepcha, Anthropologist, welfare Department, Government of Sikkim.
  • Dr Kunzang N Lachungpa, Assistant Lecturer, Bhutia Language Department, NBBD college.
  • Mr Jigme WongchukBhutia, Researchscholar, Pemayangtse.
  • Dr NimTsheringLepcha,SCERT.Gangtok,Sikkim.
  • ShamarmitLepcha,LLM, research scholar
  • Mingmalhamu, Advocate /Research scholar
  • Lepcha students from NBBD college & Sikkim University
  • Bhutia students from Sikkim university

Team for preparation of Drawing based on the decision taken and implementation/preparation of write up in Lepcha, Bhutia, English and other Languages.

  • Ren Norzang Lepcha, Ex-MLA, Advocate
  • Ren DupdenLepcha,PGTLepcha,Lingdok school
  • Ren Denzong Lepcha- PGT Lepcha,DIETBurtuk.
  • Ren DawchenLepcha,GS,RMRT(west),
    Rinchenphong, west Sikkim.
  • Ren Peter Lepcha,Arts&Graphic,Developmentarea,Gangtok,Sikkim.

The Discussion was moderated by Ren NorzangLepcha,ex MLA advocate.
The Morning Progamme started with the Bongthings Offering Prayers at the statue of unity and T Lachungpa, President PLCC gave a brief talk on the entire concept of the Statue of Unity structure.
Further, Ren PT Simick on Behalf of Mayellyang Lepcha Development Board Presented some very old Lepcha ‘Lepcha Naamtar” and felicitated the PLCC team for the work on Statue of Unity.
Likewise, the President, (RMRT) Sikkim Lepcha Association ,(Gangtok), President of SLA,West District and Representatives from Dzongu offered Khada and traditional offering to the President and Members of the PLCC.

The Specific Responsibility of overall Process for research, consultations, logistics for this aspect of the complex was undertaken by the following members of PLCC with active support from all other members

  • Ren Tseten Lepcha-Vice President PLCC cum President YUL -DRU -SUM
  • Ren Namgyal Lepcha-General Secretary PLCC cum General Secretary RMRT,(Sikkim Lepcha Association)
  • Ren OngdenTshering Lepcha-General Secretary PLCC cum President ,Sikkim Lepcha Youth Association(SLYA)
    The process of finalization of Lepcha shrine was necessitated as Bongthings Perform Rituals every year at the statue of unity and since there is no proper shrine, it was felt that a permanent one should be constructed both for prayers as well as for academic purpose. Initially there was some delay as the Lepchas worship nature and some school of thought felt that there should not be a definite shrine, at the same it was also felt that in days to come when there won’t be many shamans and practitioner of the tradition,the whole system can be lost and as such there was the need to have a symbolic manifestation of the Lepcha shrine.
    The first brainstorming was done in 2017,followed by a one in Kalimpong in 2018, at least four concept drawings were prepared and used as reference.
    The concept with all the requisite components/Elements was adopted unanimously by all present in the meeting.

The Event was held on 5th May 2019,at statue of Unity complex ,MG Marg, Gangtok, Sikkim, with special support from Ren Karma Munon Lepcha,Ren Rathap Lepcha,Ren Pempa Lepcha ,Culture SecySlya, Ren Karma Loday Lepcha(Sikkim university) and students of Bhutia Department of Sikkim University and Nar Bahadur Bhandari Degree College and Lepcha Language students of Sikkim University

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