Landslide in Nepal causes 12 deaths

Torrential rain in Nepal on September 13 caused several landslides and killed at least 12 people, with 21 missing

Landslide in Nepal causes 12 deaths
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It has come to light that the torrential rain which was swept through two villages in the Sindhupalchok District- Barahbise and Bangung in Nepal on September 13, causing landslides has killed at least 12 people and 21 are missing. The incident occurred at Barahbise which is a 100km east of Kathmandu and nears the border with Tibet says a Nepal Government official. While 10 were killed in Barahbise, 2 others were killed in a landslide in Bangung which is in the northwest. 

Both landslides struck the villages at dawn leading to villagers not being able to escape, have said the rescue officials. The death toll with the above incident has brought the country’s to 314 cases due to landslides and flash floods in the month of June-September monsoon season, an official said. Many of those who were displaced from their homes due to Sunday's landslides had just recently rebuilt their homes after the 2015 earthquake that hit Nepal. The Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction Portal reports that the Sindhupalchok district has had 17 documented landslide incidents that have killed at least 55 people in 2020.

Nepal at the moment ranks in the lower half of the world’s worst-affected countries by COVID-19 at Rank 55. It has had a total of 54,159 cases reported in the country, from which the active cases are at 15,117. Nepal has reported a death tally of 345 cases while 38,697 have recovered and have been discharged. 

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