Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department. Courtesy: Government of Sikkim

Gangtok, May 11:

The Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department on May 10 released a circular to inform of the regulations for preventive measures for COVID-19 containment in Sikkim. These measures are in the exercise of the power conferred by section 64 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 (DMA, 2005). The circular was signed by the Relief Commissioner cum Secretary of Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department, P.N. Sherpa.
The regulations may be called the Sikkim Public Health and Safety (COVID-19) Regulations, 2020 shall extend throughout the state and will come into force at once. The measures are as follows:

Restrictions and Offenses-

  • It is compulsory to wear face cover or masks in all public places
    and workplaces.
  • A person in charge of public places, commercial establishments and transport shall ensure social distancing as per the guidelines issued by the Competent Authority. For this offence, the fine shall be three times than Rs. 300.
  • Violation by a member of the public of any guidelines/ orders/ notifications/ advisories issued by the Competent Authority in respect of social distancing shall be an offence.
  • Spitting in public shall be strictly prohibited.


  • Any person found not following the provision shall be made to pay a fine of Rs. 300.
    Repeated offence by the same offender or failure to pay the fine shall be deemed to be an offence within section 51 of the DMA, 2005 and shall be dealt with accordingly. 
  • Authorized personnel shall issue an acknowledgement of the paid fine.

    The following will be the authorized offices competent to enforce the regulations:

  • The Relief Commissioner or any officer authorized by him.
  • The District Magistrate, Additional District Magistrate and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate within their respective jurisdiction. 
  • Block Development Officers (BDOs) within their jurisdiction. 
  • An officer of the Gangtok Municipal Corporation not below the rank of Bazaar Inspector.
    Municipal Executive Officers of all Nagar Panchayats within their respective jurisdiction.
  • Police officers not below the rank of Sub-Inspector of Police within his jurisdiction. 
  • Any other officer authorized by the State Government from time to time. 


  • Fines collected in the exercise of powers under the above-stated regulations shall be credited to relevant account head pertaining to Disaster Management.
  • The authorized officers will have to keep proper account of the fines collected and the same in the relevant head of account periodically. They are also responsible for submitting the account details to the concerned District Magistrate, who shall compile the same and submit the statement of account to the Relief Commissioner periodically.

    The above regulations shall remain in force until the COVID-19 crisis exists or till further notice.

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