“The data placed during my interview with the national television may be wrong and is debatable, but I have surely not made any communal statement during the whole interview”, clarified Bhaichung Bhutia, the footballer turned politician.

He added that “the intentionally spread rumours by some vested interest people will damage the society at large and may misguide people of Sikkim”. 

He was clarifying his version on various allegations put upon him following which he has been receiving criticisms from many on various social media platforms. The criticisms are a result of his statement made on a national television news channel regarding Citizenship (Amendment) Act CAAwherein he was alleged by a large number of people as communal for not mentioning the Nepali community as one of the indigenous communities of the state of Sikkim.

Bhaichung, who is the working president of Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP), said that he has not made any communal statements but answered as per the question asked. He further added that during a TV interview, one has very limited time to answer everything.

He defended that no communal remarks were delivered by him and he was speaking totally on the minorities of the state. However, he accepted that the data given by him during the interview is debatable.

Bhaichung has urged the people to go through the entire interview to know and understand the fact and has requested people not to believe these kinds of rumours being spread by some vested people.

Speaking to Sikkim Chronicle, Bhaichung said that some politically motivated and selfish people have been spreading the misleading message in regard to his statement. Claiming himself as the most secular person, he asserted that he has always raised his voice in the centre in regard to the interests of the people of Sikkim. He also informed that during his recent meeting with the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, he raised various issues regarding the implementation of CAA in the state, re-verification of COI and other issues related the in the state. He told that his party will form a committee to discuss various issues and will frame a memorandum which will be submitted to the Union Government later.

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