“If We can, why can’t You?”


Just after the elections when the state is at rest, all one can see around is the surrounding blatantly littered with pamphlets, paper flags of different political parties and plastic bottles, cups and chips packets. The majority of us are just talking about the election result which is scheduled to be declared on May 23 which is month far but the trio from Gangtok was actively seen showing their concern for the environment.

Three siblings Ravi Raj Pradhan, Shradha Pradhan and Navin Pradhan was seen cleaning ‘Tashi View Point’, the popular tourist spot of Gangtok on April 13. In order to bring the concept of cleanliness and care for the nature into practise and to spread the awareness amongst the local citizens, the Pradhan siblings were caught on cam busy cleaning the popular tourist spot.

While speaking to Sikkim Chronicle the trio informed they did invite people to attend the drive but none showed interest or seemed busy thus only three thought to conduct a drive. Trio quoted “If we three can why can’t you”. This short phrase may be taken up as a strong message of the day for everyone of us. “When nation has anthemised ‘Swatch Bharat” then why not practice what we preach” added trio.

This act of the trio is a message and an encouragement to the local and tourist to claim the conservation of nature and environment by doing some small acts to conserve one.


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