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Gangtok, May 31: The Home Department, Government of Sikkim released a notification directed towards the Secretary of Commerce and Industries Department on the subject of entry of non-Sikkimese workers back to Sikkim on the pretext of State helpline receiving various requests from different non-Sikkimese workers working in various commercial establishments across Sikkim asking for their entry in Sikkim.

Through the notification, it was informed to the C&I Department that for easier entry of non-Sikkimese workers into the state, it was requested that they to communicate with all the Industries/Commercial establishments and ask them to follow 3 points of instructions, for bringing in the stranded Non-Sikkimese workers earning their bread and butter in Sikkim. The said points are as follows:

  • All the commercial establishments/Industries should arrange for quarantine facilities for their incoming employees on their own expense.
  • All the employers should submit the list of employees, which are stranded outside and must be brought to run their operation to Secretary (Coordination), Sikkim Evacuation Cell. It may be kindly noted that only minimum staff required to run the establishment may be requested for entry.
  • The incoming employees need to follow all the strict protocol laid by the Government of Sikkim on entering the state. It shall be the responsibility of the employer to ensure that due protocol is followed.

The Joint Secretary, Department of Commerce and Industries, N. Jaswant, shed some additional information for the public to be aware of. Uupon being asked if this notification was issued for both Public and Private sectors, he informed that this was primarily a private sector-oriented notification.

“There are not many State-owned companies and all of the employees from the public sector are from Sikkim as far as my knowledge. This particular notification was for the private sectors since the requests were from these companies and commercial establishments. I will be collecting and preparing a list from all the companies and once it is ready, probably on Tuesday, I will submit the list to the government,” Jaswant informs.

Upon speaking about the query on the second point in the instruction about the details or the selection process of the minimum staff and if there would be a green light for all the stranded employees or not, he stated to inform SC after the process gets initiated

“In the letter also, it is not very much clear about what information they want, they only told us to give the registration numbers of people who are registering online and also compile the list. We’ve been informed to check the people who’ll return and stay in paid quarantine,” says Jaswant.

On the query of any plan of action by the administration of how the returnees are to be segregated for quarantine since there have been many allegations to the government about them not segregating all the quarantine persons according to the red, orange, or green coloured zone, the joint secretary informed that it was to be coordinated with the secretary (coordination) of the home department as per the letter. 

“The home department will look into the returnees and where the paid quarantine would happen and how it would. The forms that were made before, and was shared to all the companies, that only needed the column to fill in registration numbers. I will be editing and sharing to all the companies again, in which the registration numbers are also filled in corresponding to other details, this is to ensure and record the returnees’ zone from where they are coming and either they are red, orange, or green,” says Jaswant.

“After I share the lists in 1-2 days to the secretary coordination, it’ll all be more clear because the work has just started,” he adds.

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