Health Secretary informs of 13 new cases of COVID-19

Health Secretary informs of 13 new cases of COVID-19

Gangtok July 16: As per today’s Health Bulletin, DG cum Health Secretary Dr Pempa T. Bhutia informed that 13 new cases of COVID -19 have been reported in the State.

Out of 13 cases, 5 have been reported from GREF, Rongli while 6 persons who have tested positive had returned from Siliguri on 7th July and were lodged in a paid quarantine centre in Gangtok. Remaining 2 have been reported through Rapid Antigen Testing.

The DG-cum-Secretary shared the good news that the samples collected from 30 health workers of Rongli PHC, 55 Police personnel and 10 Sanitization team have been reported negative.

Dr. Bhutia also said that the Department has received information that some people have been visiting Rangpo to get Rapid Antigen Testing done. He urged them not to visit the centre as it has huge risk of exposure.

With 13 new cases reported today, the active cases in the State has reached 135, while the cumulative total has reached 222.