Gangtok, June 3: Sikkim’s second coronavirus case was confirmed by the Health Secretary, Dr Pempa T. Bhutia on June 3. It is reported that the 56-year-old patient had left from Delhi on May 25 and then was asymptomatic and was isolated at a Quarantine Facility in Mining, East Sikkim. Family members who were in direct contact with the patient, quarantining together have tested negative as per the Health Secretary’s reports. 

Sikkim’s first positive case was reported on May 23, a 25-year-old youth who had coincidentally returned from Delhi and had entered Sikkim on May 17, quarantining at a facility in Rabangla, South Sikkim. 

The Health Secretary informed that both patients are undergoing treatment at the STNM Hospital, Sochayghang. The first reported patient is reported to be stable and asymptomatic. 

While Sikkim earlier was one of the few states with no positive cases of the virus, since the Ministry of Home Affairs’ order to all States and UTs to bring back their stranded citizens, Sikkim has now had reported two confirmed cases.

As per reports by the Information and Public Relations Department, over 5000 people have been evacuated from other states and brought back to Sikkim. The numbers will only go higher as the days progress forward. 

India is currently the 7th worst affected country with 207,615 cases and 5,829 deaths. Although Sikkim might have its second case only days after breaking its ‘zero positive cases’ record, it is important to remember that the state’s timely action in screening and closing the borders before other states has contributed to the low number of cases. 

The state government has urged the public to remain calm and remember that precautionary measures are the best bet to beating the virus. 

Released for public information after confirmation of first COVID-19 positive case.
Image Source: Government of Sikkim, Instagram

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