Geyzing crime solved within 24 hours, perp caught and in custody

Geyzing crime solved within 24 hours, perp caught and in custody
Geyzing crime solved within 24 hours, perp caught and in custody

Gangtok, August 11: On the evening of August 10, a 20-year-old female while returning home from Geyzing Bazaar, after filling up online registration forms for colleges, was brutally stabbed at Tikjek’s Maaney Dara, Geyzing, West Sikkim.

Onlookers and those who discovered her body had reported that the perpetrator of this crime had fled the scene after shoving her off the road. Upon discovery, she was rushed off to Geyzing Hospital by good samaritans but reportedly succumbed to her wounds on the way.

While this incident allegedly happened in the late afternoon, the police of Geyzing immediately launched a large scale manhunt for the perpetrator and within 24 hours were able to locate the culprit. It was informed that a post-mortem would be conducted on Tuesday, we are still waiting for the autopsy results to be issued, which will happen after forensic experts examine her, we were informed.

Within 24 hours, the police were able to find the culprit who is reportedly the victim’s ex-boyfriend, hailing from the same village as the victim- Tikjek, West Sikkim. A member of the police force who was responsible for apprehending the culprit spoke to SC about the details of this case.

The victim and the perpetrator had been in a relationship since they were 12-13 years old, and while both initially studied in the same school. The victim after completing her Class VI exams was awarded a scholarship to study at Gangtok’s Tashi Namgyal Academy, Zero Point. 

Due to the distance, the perpetrator had followed her to the capital and enrolled at West Point Senior Secondary School. After they had given their respective Class 12 Board Exams from ISC and CBSE board, their relationship turned sour at the onset of the nationwide imposed lockdown.

Following a dramatic breakup during the beginning of the lockdown, the victim had completely dismissed the perpetrator and blocked him from all social media accounts as well as his phone number. When the board exam results were issued, the victim had reportedly scored above 70% while the perpetrator had failed. 

On 10th August, a Monday afternoon, as she was on her way home after filling put online registrations for colleges, received a call from the perpetrator who had reportedly called from his aunt’s phone. They had a 2-minute long conversation, during which he implored her to meet him for at least 10 minutes so they could talk in the hope that they would end up getting back together. She agreed to meet him at Maney Dara. 

During their meeting, the perpetrator asked her to mend their relationship, to which she refused and was then attacked. The police informant who spoke to SC has agreed that the murder was very obviously premeditated as he had come prepared with a butcher knife, ready for use upon her refusal.

Following the stabbing and after he pushed her off the road, he tossed the murder weapon about a kilometre away from the crime scene, which police personnel were able to locate on Tuesday morning 

The police upon identifying the victim spoke to her family through which the ex-boyfriend was found. Police personnel picked him up on suspicious grounds and while he initially refused passionately about having any part in her death, later when he was transferred to the police vehicle he confessed to killing her. 

The source in the police team admitted that the murder was brutal with the victim being stabbed at least 14 times. While the Sikkim Police were able to catch the culprit steadfastly, he is currently in police custody and being interrogated after which he will be handed over to the court for further proceedings.