Namchi, June 5: VOICE NGO, Namchi, is an organisation that works on many environmental and social issues, registered under Nehru Yuva Kendra and working for similar issues with them. The message from the NGO today was of sustainability, along with NYK, Namchi, they started a campaign/contest on social media this week for today, i.e., World Environment Day. The campaign asked people to plant trees, and posting the pictures to social media along with a message for the environment.

“This environment day, i.e., 5th June 2020, we are organizing a contest where all you have to do is plant a tree, take a picture of you planting a tree and post it in your social media accounts with a special message in your caption. Don’t just plant for the sake of winning, plant a tree but remember to take care of it!” announces Voice’s social media handles.

The organisation saw plenty of entries ranging from flowers and succulents to trees, and are still waiting for entries for the course of the day. They believe that the way forward is together with nature and human being’s co-existence with it. Sustainability is the main achievement that human beings ought to be working for. 

“The planet will flourish even without us humans but we cannot survive a second without our planet. So, let us all try and be better humans. Let us all not torture the animals as we saw in case of a poor elephant, let us all not spread communal hatred as we saw in the case of George Floyd. Let us all value each life and move forward to a brighter and better future where humans and nature can co-exist peacefully,” says a member of VOICE.

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